Report of the Superintendent of Schools, Burlington, Vermont, 1920

We have scanned a portion of the "Fifty-Third Annual Report of the Superintendent of Schools" contained in the publication "Fifty-Sixth Annual Report of the City of Burlington, Vermont for the year ending December 31, 1920" for your use in family history research.   We present it here as found in the original publication.   Any errors are as in the original.

The portion we scanned is the part which contains listings of school commissioners, officers, superintendent and staff, any other staff, administrators, and, of course, teachers.   We find such information useful to round out one's understanding about one's ancestors and hope that you will too!   We have no other information to present with respect to these individuals as of the time we published our scans in this section.

Please take a look at descriptions below and click on page numbers to view pages.

PageTitle of section and Surnames listed
Page 27Board of School Commissioners: Kimball, Barnes, Murphy, Hallihan, Brewer, Lane; Officers of the Board: Kimball, Hallihan, Chittenden
Page 28Officers of the Board: Wheeler, Cook, Smith, Minall, Bray, Latour, Crosby Standing Committees: Brewer, Kimball, Kimball, Hallihan, Lane, Murphy
Page 29Locations of Schools
Page 30Supervisors: Harrington, Tupper, Jackson, Hays, Rhodes, Jones, Allen Roll of Teachers: Colburn, Moore, Terrill, Towle, Deyett, Scott, Thompson, Pease, Hulburd, King, Taylor, Hale, Hendee, Isham, Martin
Page 31Roll of Teachers: Holmes, Honsinger, Stone, Henderson, Waterstreet, Pearl, Pearl, Orr, Crandall, Patrick, Allen, Tracey, Barker, Madden, Walsh, Leddy, Lanou, Grandy, Deshaw, Brew, Dorcas, Lonergain, Howe, Wood, Ranney, Andrews, Everett, Hutchinson, Chapman, Cowan
Page 32Roll of Teachers: Sylvester, McFarland, Ayling, Wilson, Royce, Taylor, White, Hutchinson, Pratt, Parkhurst, Tracey, Fisher, Smith, McDermott, Partridge, Mayo, McHenry, Blondin, Weeks, Lanou, Bayarsky, Atkins, Laury, Coventry, Daley, Farrell, Katz, Wark, Thomppson, Palmer, Root, Corvin
Page 33Roll of Teachers: White, Hutchinson, Coventry, Daley, Packard, Lawrence, Madigan, Parker, Calvert, Norton, Mulqueen, Hagar, Hagar, Cole, Adsit, O'Brian, Kelly, Mulqueen, Jackman, Donnelly, Brownell, Kelley, Grace, Melendy, Finlayson, Blondin, Malaney, Collins, Coffey

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