Pennsylvania State College Faculty, 1920 - H

Pennsylvania Marriage Records  

Note: The source for this information is "LaVie," Volume 31, The Yearbook of Pennsylvania State College, State College, PA

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Last NameFirst NameMiddle NameDegreePosition
HackerA.L.B. S.Extension Representative - Lehigh County
HadleyC.H.B. S.Assistant Professor of Entomological Research; In Charge of Field Laboratories (Bustleton)
HagarW.S.B. S.Extension Representative - Mercer County
HaleyD.E.M. S.Assistant Professor of Agricultural Chemistry
HallErnestJ.M. A.Assistant Professor of English
HallFlorenceB. S.Assistant in Home Economics Extension
HallPhilipR.Instructor in Industrial Engineering
HarrisClarenceOwenPH. D.Professor of Greek
HarrisClintonL.B. S., C. E.Assistant Professor of Architectural Engineering
HarrisMerrittM.PH. B.Instructor in English
HarrisMerrittM.PH. B.Instructor in Romance Languages
HasekCarlWilliamM. A.Assistant Professor of German and Russian
HasleyMiss KathrynR. N.College Health Service Assistant
HavenerH.H.M. S., D.V.M.Professor of Animal Husbandry Extension
HaverstickH.H.B. S.Extension Representative - Venango County
HeemanHarrietMargueriteInstructor in Zoology
HendersonH.O.B. S.Extension Representative - Crawford County
HersheyEdytheB. S.Instructor in Home Economics Extension
HersheyH.F.B. S.Extension Representative - Adams County
HespeltErnestHermanM. A.Instructor in Spanish
HibschmanEdwardK.B. S.Professor of Farm Organization Extension
HillHelenD.B. S.Instructor in English
HillJ.B.PH. D.Associate Professor of Botany
HiltonFrancesB. S.Assistant in Home Economics Extension
HoffmanW.S.Instructor in Architectural Engineering
HolbenF.J.B. S.Assistant in Experimental Agronomy
HonessArthurP.A. B., A. M.Instructor in Mineralogy
HubbardBelleB. S.Assistant in Home Economics Extension
HultzFredM. S.Assistant in Animal Husbandry
HunterC.A.Assistant Professor of Dairy Husbandry


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