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Note: The source for this information is "The News" 1915, The Yearbook of Lancaster High School, Lancaster, PA. Images of the pages have been included for your reference. They are not very good scans. We apologize. They were scanned quite some time ago when technology was not very good.


    "Bashfulness is an ornament to youth."-Aristotle.
Thomas Edison Adams, better known as "Tom", is first in . the class-alphabetically. He is a member of the Commercial German Section, and the only one left in High School of the first class that graduated from the new Rockland Street School. Last June Thomas showed his taste for good company by refus- ing to graduate with the 1914 class, preferring to join the illustrious 1915 group. He is a skilled pianist and sometimes has an opportunity to exhibit his talent before the school in the absence of the regular accompanist. Adams won his numerals in the inter-class meet of 1913. He is a member of the notorious Physics Table Number Six, the one disturbing factor of an otherwise peaceful recitation. Thomas has no definite prospects after graduation, but takes an interest in the Public Library.

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    "Nature hath framed strange fellows in her time." -Shakespeare
George Lloyd Anderson is a member of the Commercial Latin Section and came to High from the Duke Street School. George is a cartoonist of some ability, and has done a great deal of splendid work of this character. In order to perfect himself in cartooning he is taking up a course with the International Correspondence Schools. George is a newspaper writer of no mean ability and has done considerable reporting for out-of-town papers, being special correspondent for The Harrisburg Advocate. He is undecided whether to study law or become a cartoonist.

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    "I'm proud of all the Scottish blood that's in me,
    Divil a man can say a word agin me." -Robert Browning ( ? ! !)
William Barlow, a member of the Classical Section, was born in Dundee, Scotland. His name has become so connected with soccer playing that whenever one is mentioned, the other is thought of. "Bill," in his Freshman year was captain of the Freshman soccer team, in the Sophomore and Junior years, he was the star player on the class team, and in his Senior year was manager of the team which represented the High School in the City Soccer League. He is without doubt one of the best soccer players in the State, and had it not been for his services as both manager and player, the soccer team of Lancaster High School would never have obtained a place in the Soccer League and attained its present reputation.

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