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Note: The source for this information is "The News" 1915, The Yearbook of Lancaster High School, Lancaster, PA. Images of the pages have been included for your reference. They are not very good scans. We apologize. They were scanned quite some time ago when technology was not very good.


    "Always keep cool," said the ice.
Marion is a member of the Athenian Literary Society and the A. T. (always talking) Club. When Marion gets angry, she usually gets overheated.

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    "Make much of small things," said the microscope.
Ethel is so small that even with high heels she can hardly be seen. "Freddie" is a member of the A. T. (always talking) Club and the Florentine Literary Society.

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"Marg" talks some, but not as much as others we could mention and likes to dream, though we have never been able to find what it is all about. We suppose she is like most other girls in this respect. She is a member of the Athenian Literary Society and the Commercial Course, having come to us from the Strawberry Street Grammar School.

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Edna, "The Unknown," is a member of the Florentine Literary Society. Edna was our president in our Sophomore year and a very good one. She is so very quiet that we never know when she is about, unless we look for her. She has also joined the N. T. Club and we believe she is there to stay.

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    "Would that I were bright as you!
    Pray, who are you? Tell me true?
    Softly came the presumptious reply,
    "I am Edna Godshalk of Stevens High."
Edna, commonly known as "Ed" or "Meg", was president of the Athenian Literary Society for the first half of the term. She is one of the commercial prophets, and a very bright girl.

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