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We have obtained a copy of the publication "Alumni Directory of the Oregon Agricultural College - Corvallis, Oregon, June, 1913" and scanned the pages for your use.

These pages include, to the extent possible, year in which degree was conferred, degree, course, occupation and permanent address.

We have no additional information on the persons named in the publications and corrections are not possible as it is our desire to present this publication exactly as it was produced. To view pages, simply click on the page number which corresponds to the surname listing below.

Page #Surnames, in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 4Abbe, Abendroth, Abraham, Abrams, Ackerman, Adams, Adamson
Page 5Addition, Ainslie, Aitken, Aldrich, Alexander, Allen
Page 6Allen, Allingham, Alspaugh, Anderson, Andrews, Applewhite, Arbuthnot
Page 7Armstrong, Arnold, Asbahr, Atchison, Atherton, Auld, Austin, Autzen, Avery
Page 8Baker, Baldwin, Ballons, Barbur, Barclay, Barker, Barnes, Barnett, Martmess, Batchelder, Bath
Page 9Bayley, Beach, Beall, Beard, Beaty, Beaver, Becker, Beebe
Page 10Beeler, Belden, Belknap, Bell, Bennett, Benshadler, Bergman, Berman
Page 11Bernard, Berthold, Biddle, Bier, Billings, Bilyeu, Birks, Blackaby, Bleeg, Boddinghouse, Bodine, Boggers, Bonner, Bonney
Page 12Booth, Borden, Bossen, Boulan, Bouquet, Bower, Bowerman, Bowman, Bowser, Bradley, Brandes, Brandon, Breithaupt
Page 13Brewer, Bridges, Briggs, Bristow, Brodie, Brogden, Bronson, Brooks, Brown
Page 14Brown, Brownell, Bryan, Bryson, Buchanan
Page 15Buchanan, Bump, Bundy, Burch, Burdick, Burgess, Burkhart, Burnap
Page 16Burnaugh, Burnett, Burns, Burris, Burton, Buster, Buxton, Byerlee
Page 17Cade, Cady, Cale, Calef, Callahan, Callaway, Calvin, Campbell, Canfield, Cannon, Caples
Page 18Carlson, Carlton, Carmichael, Carnegie, Carpenter, Carroll, Carter, Casteel, Casto, Cate
Page 19Cate, Cauthorn, Chamberlain, Chambers, Chandler, Chapin, Chapman
Page 20Chapman, Charman, Chernis, Chipman, Chrisholm, Christianson, Clark
Page 21Clyne, Cochran, Cohrs, Colbert, Collins, Colt, Colvig, Connell, Cook, Cooke, Cooley, Cooper
Page 22Cooper, Copson, Corbett, Cox, Cramer, Crawford, Crews, Cross, Crowe
Page 23Cummings, Cunningham, Cupper, Currier, Currin
Page 24Danneman, Darby, Davidson, Davis
Page 25Davis, Davolt, Dean, DeHaven, Denman, Dentler, Desborough, Dicken, Dickerson, Dickson, Dilley
Page 26Dilley, Diven, Dixon, Dobbin, Dobell, Dodge, Donelson, Donnelly, Doughty, Dowling, Du Moulin, Duncan, Dunlap
Page 27Dunn, Dupuy, Dyer, Eagy, Eberly, Eddy, Edington, Edwards
Page 28Edwards, Elgin, Elliot, Elliott, Elmer, Elrod, Emery, Emily, Emmett, Emmitt, Enberg, Eppinger, Eppley
Page 29Eschricht, Espy, Evans, Evanson, Ewart, Ewing, Fairchild, Farnsworth
Page 30Fendall, Ferch, Finlay, Finley, Fisher, Fleser, Flett, Forsythe
Page 31Fountain, Fox, Frazier, French, Friendly, Froggat, Fryer, Fuller, Fulton
Page 32Fulton, Gallagher, Galligan, Galloway, Ganong, Gardner, Garrett, Garrow
Page 33Garrow, Gearhart, Gellatly, George, Gerking, Getty, Getz
Page 34Gianella, Gibson, Gilkey, Gill, Gilstrap, Ginther, Glass
Page 35Glass, Going, Golden, Goodall, Goodrich, Gordon, Goshorn, Gould, Graf, Graham, Graves, Gray, Green
Page 36Greenberg, Greenhaw, Greffoz, Griffin, Grimes, Grimm, Gross, Groth, Groves
Page 37Groves, Guild, Gump, Haenel, Hall, Haller
Page 38Hamilton, Hammack, Hancock, Hand, Hanley, Hanna, Hannah, Hanny, Hanseil, Hansen, Harbans, Harden, Harding
Page 39Harding, Hardy, Harlan, Harper, Harpole, Harrington, Harris
Page 40Harris, Harrison, Hartless, Hartsock, Haskell, Hawley, Hayes, Hays
Page 41Hays, Hayward, Heckart, Held, Hembree, Henderson, Hendricks, Henkle, Henning, Hensley, Herbert
Page 42Herbert, Herren, Herrin, Herse, Hersey, Hershner, Hess, Hicks, Hill
Page 43Hillman, Hills, Hinrichs, Hirstel, Hodes, Hofer, Hogg, Hogue, Holden, Holgate, Hollenberg
Page 44Hollis, Holman, Hoover, Horner, Horning, Horton, Houston
Page 45Houston, Hovendon, Howard, Howe, Howell, Howey
Page 46Hubbard, Hudson, Huff, Huffman, Hufford, Hull, Huntington, Hutson, Ingle, Ingram, Ireland, Irion, Irish
Page 47Irvine, Irwin, Ison, Jackson, Jacobs, Jamieson
Page 48Jamisson, Jefferson, Jeffreys, Jeppesen, Johnson
Page 49Johnson, Johnston, Jones
Page 50Junkin, Karstetter, Kawashima, Keady, Keck, Keene, Keiser, Kelly, Kendall
Page 51Kerr, Ketels, Khankhoje, Kidder, Kiger, King, Kinnison, Kittredge
Page 52Kittredge, Knapp, Knaus, Koeber, Koon, Korthauer, Kraps, Kruse, Kutch, Kuyzenga, Kyle
Page 53Lacy, Lafferty. Lafky, Lake, Lamb, Landfare, Landis, Lane, Laughlin, Laurence
Page 54Laurence, Lay, Lazelle, Lea, Leach, Leadbetter, Leavens, Ledgerwood, Lee, Leech, Leedy, Leibner
Page 55Leland, LeMoine, Lemon, Lent, Leonard, Lesh, Leuenberger, Levan, Levinger, Lewis, Liggett, Lilly
Page 56Lilly, Lindgren, Lindsay, Lines, Lingaas, Lingo, Linn, Linville
Page 57Locke, Lockwood, Long, Looney, Loosley, Loughridge, Louis, Lovett, Lumm, Lunn, Luse, Lusted, Lyford
Page 58McAlexander, MxAlister, McAllister, McBride, McCall, McCallister, McCann, McCaustland, McCormick
Page 59McCormick, McCoy, McCully, McCune, McDaniel, McDevitt, McDonald, McElfresh, McFadden
Page 60McFarland, McGillivray, McGinnis, McGrew, McHenry, McIntyre, McKay, McKee, McKellips, Mackay
Page 61MacKenzie, McKenzie, McKnight, McLagan, McLain, MacLean, McLean, MacLean, McManus, McMillan, McNeill
Page 62Macleod, Mahoney, Makelim, Mann, Manock, Marsh, Martin, Martyn, Mason, Masters, Masterson, Matheson, Mathews, Mattley
Page 63Mattley, Mattson, Maurer, Maxfield, Mayfield, Melhase, Merchant, Mershon, Metcalf, Metzger, Michael
Page 64Michael, Michelbrook, Miller, Millhollen, Millan, Miner, Mitchell, Montgomery, Moore
Page 65Moore, Moores, Moreland, Morgan, Morris, Morrison, Moses, Muldrick, Mulkey, Murray
Page 66Neash, Neal, Nelson, Neugass, Newkirk, Newsom, Newton
Page 67Newton, Nichols, Nickerson, Nilsson, Noel, Nolan, O'Connor, Olsen, O'Neel
Page 68Oren, Osburn, Oviatt, Ownsby, Owsley, Palmer, Pande, Park, Parker, Parsons
Page 69Parsons, Pate, Patterson, Paul, Paulson, Paxson, Pearcy, Peddicord, Peery, Pelland, Penland
Page 70Pernot, Peters, Peterson, Pfandhoefer, Pfeifer, Philips, Phillips, Pickter, Pierce, Pilkington, Pimm, Plankinton
Page 71Plummer, Poff, Pogue, Pohland, Porter, Portwood, Post, Powell, Powers, Prather
Page 72Pratt, Prescott, Price, Privett, proebstel, Propst, Province, Pugh, Purdy
Page 73Raber, Raines, Raithel, Rands, Ranney, Rashid, Ravi, Rawson, Ray
Page 74Read, Redd, Rees, Reiling, Reuter, Reynolds, Rice, Richards, Rickard
Page 75Riddle, Ridgeway, Rieben, Riggs, Rinehart, Ringo, Roadruck, Robbins, Roberts
Page 76Roberts, Rogers, Romtvedt, Rooper, Rosenbaum, Rosendorf, Rosenstein, Ross, Roth, Rowan, Rowe
Page 77Rowland, Rulifson, Rusk, Russ, Russell, Samuels, Sansom, Saunders, Schartow, Schilling, Schirmer
Page 78Schmidt, Schoel, Schrack, Schroeder, Schultz, Scoggin, Scott
Page 79Scovill, Sears, Seely, Seim, Selleck, Sheldon, Shepard, Sheridan, Shonkweiler, Sibley, Siemens, Silvey
Page 80Simmons, Simon, Simons, Simpson, Sitton, Skelton, Skibbe, Slayton, Sleight, Small, Smead, Smick
Page 81Smith
Page 82Smith, Snow, Soden, Sol, Sorenson, Spangler, Spencer
Page 83Spicer, Spillman, Spires, Sprague, Spring, Sproat, Spurrier, Staats, Stalker, Stanley, Starbird
Page 84Starker, Starr, Stebinger, Stellquist, Steen, Steiwer, Stemmler, Stewart, St. Germaine
Page 85St. Germain, Stimpson, Stimson, Stock, Stokes, Stone, Stoneberg, Storms, Stout, Stovall, Strange
Page 86Stratton, Strebin, Streumeyer, Stricklin, Struve, Stump, Sturgeon, Stutz, Summer, Surry, Sutherland, Suttle, Sutton, Swan, Swann
Page 87Swann, Swarthout, Swingle, Sykes, Taber, Taggert, tannock, Tartar, Taylor
Page 88Taylor, Tedrow, Tellefson, Terrell, Test, Tharp, Thayer, Thomas
Page 89Thomas, Thompson, Thomson
Page 90Thomson, Thornton, Tiffany, Tillery, Tooley, Totten, Trask, True, Tulley, Turner
Page 91Underwood, Utley, Vail, Valencia, Van Cleve, Van Groos, Van Meter, Varner, Veatch
Page 92Vincent, Vines, Bolck, Van der Hellen, Von Pessl, Voorhees, Voss, Wade, Waggoner
Page 93Waggoner, Wahlberg, Walker, Wall, Wallace, Wallan, Walters, Wanstrom, Ward, Warren
Page 94Warrior, Watrous, Watson, Weatherford, Weaver, Webber, Weber, Weeks, Wells
Page 95Wells, West, Whitby, White, Whiteman, Whitney, Wicklund, Wickman
Page 96Wicks, Wiggen, Wilcox, Wilder, Wiley, Wilkes, Wilkie, Wilkins, Williams
Page 97Williams, Williamson, Willis, Wills, Wilson
Page 98Wilson, Winniford, Winslow, Withycombe, Witty
Page 99Witzig, Wolff, Wood, Woodcock, Woods, Woodward, Worstell, Wright
Page 100Wyatt, Yates, Yoder, Young, Zimmerman, Zurcher

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