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Rochester University Class of 1913

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  • Barker, Ernest Franklin, B. S. ~ Instructor in Mathematics and Assistant in Physics
  • Bliss, Frederick Jones, PH. D. ~ Dean for Men
  • Burton, Henry Fairfield, A. M., LL. D. ~ Trevor Professor of Latin
  • Carron, Charles, B. L. ~ Acting Professor of French
  • Chambers, Victor John, PH. D. ~ Professor of Chemistry
  • Denio, Elizabeth Harriet, PH. D. ~ Professor of the History of Art
  • Dodge, Charles Wright, M. S. ~ Professor of Biology, and Curator of the Zoological Museum
  • Ernsberger, Millard C., M. E. ~ Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Fairchild, Herman LeRoy, Sc. D. ~ Professor of Geology, and Curator of the Geological Museum
  • Forbes, George Mather, A. M., LL. D. ~ Professor of Philosophy and Pedagogy
  • Frazier, Edgar George, A. B. ~ Assistant Professor of Public Speaking and Debate
  • Gale, Arthur Sullivan, PH. D. ~ Fayerweather Professor of Mathematics
  • Gilmore, Joseph Henry PH. D. ~ Emeritus Professor of Rhetoric and English
  • Havens, Raymond Dexter, PH. D. ~ Roswell S. Burrows Instructor in English
  • Hinrichs, Frederic William, Jr., Capyain U.S.A., Retired ~ Assistant Professor of Applied Mechanics
  • Hoeing, Charles, PH. D. ~ Assistant Professor of Latin
  • Hunter, Fred Walter, B. S. ~ Instructor in Chemistry
  • Kendrick, Ryland Morris, A. B. ~ Munro Professor of Greek
  • Kirk, William PH. D. ~ Professor of Economics and Sociology
  • Lattimore, Samuel Allan, PH. D. LL. D. ~ Emeritus Professor of Chemistry
  • Lawrence, Henry Edmund, A. B. ~ Harris Professor of Physics
  • Little, Ernest, B. S. ~ Assistant in Chemistry
  • Merrell, William Dayton, PH. D. ~ Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Minchin, Howard Daniel PH. D. ~ Assistant Professor of Physics
  • Moore, Clarence King, PH. D. ~ Professor of Romance Languages
  • Morey, William Carey, PH. D., D. C. L. ~ Watson Professor of History and Political Science
  • Mosher, Howard T., A. B. ~ Lecturer on Citizenship
  • Munro, Annette Gardner, M. A. ~ Dean for Women
  • Ramaker, Albert John, A. B. ~ Assistant in German
  • Rhees, Rush, D.D., LL. D. ~ President and Burbank Professor of Biblical Literature
  • Robinson, Otis Hall, PH. D. ~ Emeritus Professor of Natural Philosophy
  • Shedd, Kendrick Philander, A. B. ~ Professor of German
  • Slater, John Rothwell, PH. D. ~ Deane Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature
  • Stockton, Frank Tenney ~ Instructor in Economics and History
  • Watkeys, Charles William, A. M. ~ Assistant Professor of Mathematics
  • Watson, Harry Towle, A. B. ~ Director of Physical Education

  • Note: The source for this information is "Interpres," The Yearbook of the University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, Volume LIV by the Class of 1913. Images of the pages have been included for your reference but please note that these are very slow loading as the files are fairly large.

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