Manasquan (NJ) High School - Class of 1933

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Manasquan (NJ) High School - Class of 1933

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    The following transcription was provided by Anne West and is taken from the 'Treasure Chest', the yearbook for the Manasquan High School. This year's yearbook is not available at this time. The names have been taken from the 1932 yearbook in the Section of Who's Who in the Junior Class


    • Allen, Doris
    • Allen, Charles
    • Anderson, Evelyn
    • Bennett, Lucile
    • Brewer, Louise
    • Chafey, Harold
    • Clayton, William
    • Collins, Viola
    • Dann, William
    • DeBow, Arnold
    • Edick, Miriam
    • Estelle, Gilbert
    • Estelle, Gilbert
    • Fisk, Mildred
    • Fraley, Amy
    • Franklin, Clifton
    • Halloway, Alfreda
    • Hendrickson, Charles
    • Koehler, Anna
    • La Mond, Carolyn
    • Lehrer, Percy
    • Licari, Ethel
    • Magee, De Lancy
    • Meyers, Lewis
    • Miller, Stanley
    • Moore, Mary Ella
    • Morris, Robert
    • Morris, Edward
    • Morton, Paul
    • Osborn, Eleanor
    • Parker, Phyllis
    • Raffeto, Fred
    • Reynolds, James
    • Riddle, Robert
    • Smith, Carl
    • Stifler, Eleanor
    • Thomas, Alice
    • Treanor, Mary
    • Treanor, Pauline
    • Wagner, Florence
    • Weirman, Alvin
    • Weirman, Albert
    • Whitehead, Walt

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