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Bowdoin College (Brunswick, ME)

1911 Faculty

Note: The source for this information is The Bugle, the yearbook of Bowdoin College - 1911

  • Rev. William DeWitt Hyde, D.D., LL. D., President.
    Stone Professor of Mental and Moral Philosophy

    Born at Winchendon, MA, September 23, 1858. Fitted at Phillips Exeter Academy; graduated from Harvard University, 1879; studied at Union Theological Seminary, 1879-80; Andover Theological Seminary, 1880-82; Andover and Harvard University, 1882-83; Pastor of the Congregational Church, Paterson, NJ, 1883-85. Called to the Presidency of Bowdoin College, 1885. Author of "Practical Ethics", "Social Theology", "Practical Idealism", "God's Education of Man", "Jesus' Way", "From Epicurus to Christ", The Art of Optimism", The College Man and the College Woman". Member of the American Philosophical Association, Signet, and the O.K. Senior Societies at Harvard.

  • Henry Leland Chapman, D.D., LL.D.
    Professor of English Literature

    Born at Bethel, ME, July 26, 1845. Fitted at Gould Academy and Gorham Seminary. Graduated from Bowdoin College, 1866; Bangor Theological Seminary, 1869. Tutor in Latin at Bowdoin, 1869-71; professor, 1871-75; professor of Oratory and English Literature, 1875-97; professor of English Literature, 1897---. Has published various poems and addresses. President of the Trustees of Bangor Theological Seminary; trustee of State Normal Schools, and of Bridgton Academy; senator of the Phi Beta Kappa Fraternity. Member of the American Society of Modern Languages.

  • Franklin Clement Robinson, A. M., LL. D.
    Professor of Chemistry and Mineralogy, Josiah Little Professor of Natural Science, and Professor of Chemistry in the Medical School of Maine.

    Born at East Orrigton, April 24, 1852. Fitted at Bangor High School; graduated from Bowdoin College, 1873; studied at Harvard University, 1882-84. Instructor in Chemistry and Mineralogy at Bowdoin, 1874-78; professor 1878---. Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science; ex-President of the American Public Health Association; member of the British Society of Chemical Industry; vice-president of the American Chemical Society; member of the State Board of Health; Chairman of the State Survey Commission; State Geologist.

  • Henry Johnson, Ph. D.
    Longfellow Professor of Modern Languages, and Curator of the Art Collection.

    Born at Gardiner, ME, June 25, 1855. Fitted at Gardiner High School and Phillips Andover Academy; graduated from Bowdoin College, 1874; studied 14 months in Paris, and a year each in the Universities of Goettingen, Leipsic and Berlin. Studied Shakespearean Text in England, 1890, French Literature and Institutions in Paris, 1895, and Christian Archaeology in Italy, 1905. Head of the Department of Modern Languages at Bowdoin, 1877-81; college professor, 1881-82; Longfellow professor, 1882---; Librarian, 1880-85; curator of the Art Collections, 1881-87, 1892---. Edited Schiller's "Ballads" and Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream". Author of "Where Beauty Is and Other Poems". Dante Society, 1884---.

  • Frank Edward Woodruff, A. M.
    Joseph E Merrill Professor of the Greek Language and Literature, and Recorder

    Born at Eden, VT, March 20, 1855. Fitted at Underhill Academy; graduated from the University of Vermont, 1875; studied at Union Theological Seminary, 1878-81; University of Berlin and American School at Athens, 1881-83. Associate professor of Biblical Literature, Andover Theological Seminary, 1883-87; professor of the Greek Language and Literature at Bowdoin, 1887---; lecturer on Greek Literature, Bangor Theological Seminary, 1905 and 1908. Published "Exercises in Greek Prose Composition"1891; "New Greek Prose Composition" 1905. Member of the American Philological Association and the Archaeological Institute of America.

  • George Thomas Little, Litt. D.

    Born at Auburn, ME, May 14, 1857. Fitted at Auburn High School; graduated from Bowdoin College, 1877. Traveled in Europe, 1877-78 and 1904-05. Instructor in Latin at Thayer Academy, Braintree MA, 1878-81; instructor in Latin at Bowdoin, 1882-83; professor, 1883-85; assistant in Rhetoric, 1885-89; curator of the Art Collections, 1887-92; librarian, 1883---. Edited General Catalogue since 1889; published, 1882, "Descendants of George Little, Who Came to Newbury, Mass., in1640". Recorder of the American Library Association, 1889-92. Member of the American Alpine Club and the Appalachian Club.

  • William Albion Moody, A. M.
    Wing Professor of Mathematics.

    Born at Kennebunkport, ME, July 30, 1860. Fitted at Hallowell Classical School; graduated from Bowdoin College, 1882; studied at Harvard Graduate School, 1891. Submaster of Edward Little High School, 1882-84; tutor and instructor in Mathematics at Bowdoin, 1884-87; professor, 1888---. Member of the American Mathematical Association, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the Association of Mathematics Teachers in New England.

  • Charles Clifford Hutchins, A. M.
    Professor of Physics

    Born at Canton, ME, July 12, 1858. Fitted at Bridgton Academy; graduated from Bowdoin College, 1883; studied at Harvard, 1886-87, Leipsic, 1900-01. Instructor in Leicester Academy, Mass. 1883-84; instructor in Physics at Bowdoin, 1885-88; professor, 1888---. A contributor to the "American Journal of Science", and the "Astrophysical Journal". Member of the American Physical Society

  • Frank Nathaniel Whittier, A.M., M.D.
    Professor of Hygiene and Physical Training; Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology in the Medical School of Maine.

    Born at Farmington ME, 1861. Fitted at Wilton Academy; graduated from Bowdoin College, 1885. Studied law, 1885-86; studied physical culture under Dr. Dudley A. Sargent, 1886-88. Graduated from Medical School of Maine, 1889. Director of the gymnasium at Bowdoin, 1886---; lecturer on Hygiene, 1891---; instructor in Pathology and Bacteriology in the Medical School of Maine, 1897-1901; professor, 1901---; professor of Hygiene and Physical Training, 1908---. The first man in the country to use the serum test for human blood in a court case; also the first to demonstrate the fact that the firing pin of every rifle has a distinct individuality which can be shown by photomicrographs, and that this individuality is stamped upon the primer of a shell at the time of firing. Member of the American Association of Pathologists and Bacteriologists, the Maine Medical Association, the Society of Gymnasium Directors, and the Society for the Advancement of Physical Education.

  • George Taylor Files, Ph. D.
    Professor of German Languages

    Born at Portland ME, September 23, 1866. Fitted at Portland High School; graduated from Bowdoin College 1889; studied at Johns Hopkins University, 1889-90; in Europe, 1891-93; Ph.D. from Leipsic University, 1893; studied social conditions in Germany, 1899. Tutor in languages at Bowdoin, 1890-91; instructor in German, 1891-94; professor, 1894---; registrar of the college, 1897-1905. Edited Gustav Freytag's "Soll und Haben". Member of the Modern Language Association of America, (Executive Committee, 1901), and The American Historical Association; trustee of the Freyburg Academy.

  • Wilmot Brookings Mitchell, A. M.
    Edward Little Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory.

    Born at Freeport, ME, August 24, 1867. Graduated from Bowdoin College, 1890; studied at Harvard, 1895-96. Principal of Freeport High School, 1890-93; instructor in Rhetoric and Oratory at Bowdoin, 1893-97; professor, 1897---. Published 1901, "School and College Speaker"; 1903, Elijah Kellogg, the Man and His Work".

  • Allen Johnson, Ph. D.
    Professor of History and Political Science

    Born at Lowell MA, January 29, 1870. Fitted at Lowell High School; graduated from Amherst College, 1892. Sub-master in History in Lawrenceville School, NJ, 1892-94; Roswell Dwight Hitchcock Fellow in History and Political Science in Amherst, 1894-95; studied at the University of Leipsic and at the Ecole Des Sciences Politiques, and Sorbonne, Paris, 1895-97; fellow in History in Columbia University, 1897-98; Ph. D. from Columbia University, 1899; professor of History in Iowa College, 1898-1905; professor of History and Political Science at Bowdoin, 1905---. Author of "Stephen A. Douglas, A Study in American Politics" published 1908. Member of the American Historical Association, the Political Science Association, and the Historical Society of Maine.

  • Charles Theodore Burnett, Ph. D.
    Professor of Psychology, and Registrar

    Born at Springfield, MA, June 24, 1873. Fitted at Greenfield (Mass) High School, graduated from Amherst College, 1895; studied at Harvard, 1898-1903. Instructor in Tome Institute, 1895-96; Instructor at the Hill School, Pottstown, PA, 1896-98; assistant in Philosophy at Harvard, 1900-02; instructor in Psychology at Bowdoin, 1904-06; assistant professor, 1906-09; professor, 1909---. Member of the American Psychology Association and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

  • Roscoe James Ham, A.M.
    Professor of German.

    Born at Peabody, MA, April 3, 1875. Fitted at Lexington, Mass. High School; graduated from Harvard University, 1896; studied at Harvard and the University of Berlin, 1897-99; degree of A. M. conferred by Bowdoin, 1907. Instructor in French at Cascadilla School, Ithaca, NY, 1899-1901; instructor in Modern Languages, Bowdoin, 1901-03; assistant professor, 1903-06; professor, 1906-07; professor at Trinity College, Hartford, 1907-09; professor of German at Bowdoin, 1909---.Author, with A. N. Leonard, of "German Grammar", 1909. Member of the Modern Language Association of America.

  • Frederic Willis Brown, Ph. D.
    Professor of Modern Languages.

    Born at Concord, MA. May 24, 1876. Graduated from Harvard University, 1897; Ph. D. from Harvard, 1906. Studied at the University of Grenoble, France, 1901-02; Harvard Graduate School, 1902-05. Instructor in Romance Languages, Clark College, 1905-07; professor of Modern Languages at Bowdoin, 1907---.

  • Henry Pratt Fairchild, Ph. D.
    Daniel B. Fayerweather Professor of Economics and Sociology/

    Born at Dundee, IL, August 18, 1880. Prepared at Crete, NB, High School and Crete Academy; graduated from Doane College, Crete, NB, 1900. Taught in the International College, Smyrna, Turkey, 1900-03. State Secretary of Doane College, 1903-06. Graduate student, Yale University, 1906-09; Ph. D., Yale, 1909. Member of the American Economic Association.

  • William Trufant Foster, A.M.
    Professor of English and Argumentation.

    Born at Boston, MA, January 18, 1879. Harvard University, A.B., 1901; A.M., 1904. Instructor in English, Bates College, 1901-03; professor of English and Argumentation at Bowdoin, 1905---. Author of "Argumentation and Debating", published, 1908.

  • Kenneth Charles Morton Sills, A. M.
    Winkley Professor of the Latin Language and Literature

    Born at Halifax, Nova Scotia, December 5, 1879. Fitted at Portland High School. Graduated from Bowdoin College, 1901; graduate student and assistant in Harvard, 1901-03. Instructor in the Classics and English at Bowdoin, 1903-04; tutor in English at Columbia, 1904-05; studied at Columbia, 1906; Adjunct professor of Latin at Bowdoin, 1906; professor of the Latin Language and Literature, 1907---. Member of the American Philological Association and the Modern Language Association of America.

  • Manton Copeland, S. M., Ph. D.
    Assistant Professor of Biology

    Born at Taunton, MA, July 24, 1881. Fitted at Bristol Academy ; graduated from Lawrence Scientific School, 1904; S. M. from Harvard, 1905; Ph. D. from Harvard, 1908. Assistant in Biology, Harvard and Radcliff, 1903-08; instructor in Biology at Bowdoin, 1908-09; assistant professor, 1909---. Member of the Biological Society of Washington.

  • Marshall Perley Cram, Ph. D.
    Assistant Professor of Chemistry

    Born at Brunswick, ME, January 1, 1882. Fitted at Brunswick High School; graduated from Bowdoin, 1904; assistant in Chemistry at Bowdoin, 1904-05; Studied at Johns Hopkins University, 1905-08. Received the degrees of A. M. from Bowdoin in 1905 and Ph. D. from Johns Hopkins in 1908. Member of the American Chemical Society.

  • Paul Nixon, A. M.
    Assistant Professor of Classics and History.

    Born at Des Moines, IA, May 23, 1882. Fitted at Thayer Academy, South Braintree, MA; graduated from Wesleyan University, 1904; A. M 1906; studied at Oxford University, 1904-07. Instructor in Classics, Princeton University, 1907-08; instructor in Greek and Latin, Dartmouth College, 1908-09; assistant professor of Classics and History, Bowdoin, 1909---. Member of the American Philological Association, and the Classical Association of New England.

  • Hudson Bridge Hastings, S. B.
    Assistant Professor of Surveying and Drawing.

    Born at Walpole, NH, October 4, 1885. Fitted at Phillips Exeter Academy; graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1907. Instructor in Surveying and Drawing at Bowdoin, 1907-08; assistant professor, 1908---.

  • Jonathan French Scott, A. M.
    Clerk of the Faculty and Instructor in History.

    Born at Newark, NJ, December 10. 1882. Fitted at Rutgers Preparatory School, graduated Rutgers College, 1902; A. M. from Rutgers College, 1905. Teacher in secondary schools1902-06; assistant in Education, University of Wisconsin, 1906-08; assistant in English History, University of Wisconsin, 1908-09; clerk of the faculty and instructor in History, Bowdoin, 1909---.Member of the American Historical Association.

  • Ralph Bushnell Stone, A. M.
    Instructor in Mathematics

    Born at Templeton, MA, June 4, 1882. fitted at Baldwinsville (MA) High School and Stone's School, Boston. Graduated from Bowdoin College, 1902; studied at Harvard, 1902-05; at Turin, 1905-06; at Munich, 1906-07; received A. M. from Harvard, 1904. Instructor in Mathematics at Bowdoin, 1907---.

  • Charles Wilbert Snow, A. B.
    Instructor in English and Argumentation.

    Born at White Head Island, coast of Maine, April 16, 1883. Graduated from Bowdoin College, 1907. Instructor in English and Debating, New York University, 1907-08; Henry W. Longfellow Graduate Scholar, 1908-09; instructor in English and Argumentation, Bowdoin, 1909---.

  • James Lukens Mc Conaughy, A. B.
    Instructor in English and Secretary of the Christian Association.

    Born in New York, NY, October 21, 1887. Fitted at Mt. Hermon, graduated from Yale University, 1909. Instructor in English and secretary of the Christian Association at Bowdoin, 1909---.

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