Holy Cross College 1933 Alumni Directory

Welcome to a digital archive of the Holy Cross College Alumni Directory 1843 - 1933.

We have scanned the original 1933 Directory of Alumni of Holy Cross College and indexed it for your quick search.   The publication lists present (as of publication) and former members of the faculty and officers and directors of the Holy Cross Clubs and Associations; an alphabetical listing of all Holy Cross men, living and dead, who spent at least one year in any department of the College, with their year of enrollment, degrees earned at Holy Cross, if any, occupation and address; a geographical list of these men; and a list by class year.   The publication contains almost 10,000 former students plus almost 1,000 faculty.

Obviously a publication of this nature will most likely contain some errors and ommissions including misspelled names, missing initials, incorrect addresses, wrong year of graduation, etc.   Yet for many this should serve as a decent starting point for researching the academic lives of their ancestors.   We offer the publication as is, making no corrections for any errant data and thereby presenting it as you might find it in a library.   We have done our best to index the book correctly but as with any work containing 10,000 names, we may have made a few mistakes.   Please feel free to coontact us regarding any corrections you may have with our work, as opposed to that of the Alumni Association.

Click on the letter which corresponds to the first letter of the last name for the person you are seeking.   You will be taken to a list of page numbers which correspond to specific names.   Clicking on the name number should take you to the appropriate page.   These pages are scans of the original publication which are fairly large files which may download slowly.   Please be patient and let us know if you have problems accessing the pages.

Page NumbersDescription
Pages 001 - 190


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Pages I15 - I35 Faculty
Pages I02 - I15 Miscellany
Page I02Publisher
Page I03Title Page
Page I04Copyright
Page I05Preface
Page I06Preface
Page I07Contents
Page I08Abbreviations and Explanatory Notes
Page I09Clubs and Associations
Page I10Clubs and Associations
Page I11Clubs and Associations
Page I12Clubs and Associations
Page I13Clubs and Associations
Page I14Presidents of Holy Cross
Pages 191 - 237 Geographical List of Holy Cross Men

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Pages 239 - 267 Class List - Alumni by class year

Page:   239   240   241   242   243   244   245   246   247   248   249   250   251   252   253   254   255   256   257   258   259   260   261   262   263   264   265   266   267   268

Page 269Geographical Distribution of Alumni
Page 270Geographical Distribution of Alumni
Page 271Geographical Distribution of Alumni
Page 272Geographical Distribution of Alumni