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Directory of Former Students of Harvard Living in 1919 - L

Page #Surname
Page 407LaBeaume, LaBonte, Lacey, Lachman, Lachmund, Lackey, Lackner, Lacock
Page 408LaCroix, Lacy, Ladd, Ladensack, Ladoo, LaFarge, LaFayette, Lafferty, LaFlamme, LaForge, LaFortune, Lagow, Lahee, Lahey, Laidlaw, Laing, Laird, Lake
Page 409Lake, Lakeman, Lakin, Lally, Lamar, lamarc, Lamb, Lambe, Lamberson, Lambert, Lambeth, Lamere, Lamfrom, Lamond, Lamont, Lamphier, Lamprecht, Lamprey, Lamson
Page 410Lamson, Lanahan, Lancaster, Lanciani, Lancy, Landau, Landauer, Lande, Lander, Landerholm, Landes, Landesman, Landis, Landon, Landram, Landry, Landsberg, Landsdowne, Lane
Page 411Lane, Lang, Langdon, Lange, Langenberg, Langenheim, Langenthal, Langenwalter, Langer, Langknecht, Langley
Page 412Langley, Langmaid, Langmann, Langshaw, OLangstaff, Langston, Langstroth, Langton, Lanham, Lanier, Lanigan, Lankershim, Lanman, Lanouette, Lanphier, Lansdale, Lansing, Lanzendorfer, Lapeyre, Lapham, LaPiana, Lapidus, Laporte, Lappen, Lapsley, Large, Largent, Larkin
Page 413Larkin, Larned, LaRochelle, Larrabee, Larsen, Larson, LaRue, Larzelere, Lashley, Laskey, Laski, Lasley, Lassell, Latham, Lathrop, Lathrope, Latimer, LaTour
Page 414Latson, Latta, Lau, Laubenstein, Laubscher, Lauder, Lauer, Laughlin, Laughton, Laurence, Laurens, Laurin, Lautner, Lavalle, Lavallee, Lavandera, Lavelle, Lavene, Laverack, Lavetts, Law, Lawler, Lawless, Lawlis, Lawlor, Lawrance, Lawrence
Page 415Lawrence, Lawry, Lawson, Lawther, Lawton
Page 416Lay, Layman, Lazarus, Lazear, Lazenby, Lea, Leach, Leacock, Leahey, Leahy, Leak, Leake, Leakin, Leamy, Lean, Leander, Leaphart, Lear, Learned, Learoyd, Leary
Page 417Leary, Lease, Leathe, Leather, Leatherbee, Leathers, Leavell, Leavens, Leavenworth, Leavitt, Leaycraft, LeBaron, Lebby, LeBosquet, LeBoutillier, Lebowich, Leckie, Leckner, LeClair, LeClear, Lecomte, Leddy, Leder, Lederer
Page 418LeDeuc, Ledlie, Ledwell, Ledyard, Lee
Page 419Lee, Leeb, Leeds, Leedy, Leeka, Leekley, Leen, Lees, Leeson, Leete, Lefavour, LeFever, LeFevre, Leffingwell, Lefurgey, Legasey, Legate, Legg, Legge, Leggett, Legh, Legnard, Lehman, Lehmann
Page 420Lehmann, Lehmayer, Lehn, Lehrburger, Leichtentritt, Leighton, Leininger, Leiper, Leisure, Leisy, Leitch, Leiter, Leith, Leitner, Leland
Page 421Leland, LeMahieu, Leman, Lemann, Lemberger, Lembert, Lemke, Lemmi, Lemmon, Lemon, Lemont, LeMoyne, Lempe, Lempp, Lench, Lenfest, Lennon, Lennox, Lent, Lentine, Lentz, Lenz, Lenzen, Leo, Leon, Leonard
Page 422Leonard, Leonhauser, Leopold, Lepper, Lerch, Lerew, Lerner, LeRoy, Lesher, Leshner, Lesieur, Leslie, LeSourd, Lesser
Page 423Lester, Letchworth, Letterle, Letton, Leva, Levanzin, Levensaler, Levenson, Leventall, Lever, Leverett, Leverone, Leveroni, Levin, Levine, Levinson, Leviseur, Levison
Page 424Levitan, Levy, Lewenstein, Lewers, Lewin, Lewis
Page 425Lewis
Page 426LewisLexow, Leypoldt, Li, Libbey
Page 427Libbey, Libbman, Libby, LiChao, Lichtenstein, Liddeke, Lider, Lieb, Liebenberg, Lieber, Liebmann, Lieder, Lieurance, Liffler, Liggett, Light, Lightbody, Lightfoot, Lighthall, Lighthipe, Lightner, Likins, Lilienthal
Page 428Liljenquist, Lilley, Lillibridge, Lillie, Lilliefors, Lilly, Lillyman, Lima, Liming, Linaberry, Lincoln
Page 429Lincoln, Lind, Lindabury, Lindahl, Lindau, Lindauer, Lindemann, Linder, Lindesmith, Lindgren, Lindh, Lindholm, Lindley, Lindmark, Lindquist, Lindsay, Lindsey, Lindsley, Lindstrom, Line, Lineback, Linehan, Linenthal, Lines, Linfield, Linforth, Ling, Linn, Linnell
Page 430Linsert, Linsley, Lintner, Linville, Linzee, Lipe, Lipkin, Lipper, Lippincott, Lippitt, Lippman, Lipscomb, Lipsky, Liptzer, Lisle, Lissner, Lit, Litch, Litchfield, Littauer, Littell, Littig, Little
Page 431Little, Littlefield, Littman, Liu. Livengood, Livermore, Livesey, Livingood
Page 432Livingood, Livingston, Llewellyn, Lloyd, Lo, Lobban, Lobman, Lobo, Locke
Page 433Locke, Lockett, Lockey, Lockhart, Lockman, Lockrow, Lockwood, Locy, Lodge, Lodge, Lodholz, Loeb, Loenholm, Loeser, Loewe, Loewenberg, Loewenstein, Loewenthal, Loferriere, Loftus, Logan, Lohmann, Loines, Loken
Page 434Loker, Lomax, Lombard, Lombardi, Lombardino, Long, Longfellow
Page 435Longfellow, Longley, Longueil, Longuemare, Longstreth, Longwell, Longworth, Longyear, Lonney, Lonyay, Loo, Look, Loomer, Loomis, Loon, Looney, Loper, Lopez, Lora, Lorbach, Lorch, Lord
Page 436Lord, Lordan, Lorenz, Lorillard, Loring
Page 437Loring, Lorraine, Loschi, Losey, Loss, Lothman, Lothrop, Lott, Loucks, Loud, Louderback, Lough, Loughlin, Loughran, Louis, Louisson
Page 438Lounsbery, Lourie, Love, Lovejoy, Loveland, Lovelee, Lovell, Loveman, Lovering, Lovett, Lovewell, Lovgren, Lovitt, Low, Lowden
Page 439Lowe, Lowell, Lowenthal, Lower, Lowery, Lowes, Lowman, Lown, Lowney, Lowrance, Lowrey, Lowry
Page 440Lowthrop, Lozano, Luard, Lubin, Loby, Lucas, Luce, Luchini, Lucht, Luck, Luckey, Ludden, Ludixen, Ludlam, Ludlow, Luecke, Luhman, Luigi, Lull, Lum, Lumian, Lummis, Lunan, Lund
Page 441Lund, Lundgren, Lundin, Lundquist, Lunger, Lunn, Lunt, Lupien, Luppold, Luquer, Luria, Lurie, Lurier, Lusby, Luscomb, Luscombe, Lusk, Luther, Lutz, Lux, Lybyer, Lydenberg, Lydiard, Lydig, Lyding, Lyeth, Lyford, Lyle, Lyles
Page 442Lyman, Lymer, Lynam, Lynch
Page 443Lynch, Lynde, Lyne, Lynes, Lynn, Lyon, Lyons, Lythgoe, Lyttle

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