Biographical Record of Amherst College Grads and Non-Grads Class of 1888

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Page #Surname
Page 304Graduates: Ames
Page 305Andrews, Apthorp, Austin, Baker, Bard, Bartlett
Page 306Bispham, Bliss, Brayton, Breck, Brewster, Brooks
Page 307Bunton, Burnap, Chapman, Child, Clark, Clarke
Page 308Coombs, Corey, Cornwell, Danforth, Davidson, Davis
Page 309Dickerman, Edwards, Ewing, Fairley, Gage, Garfield
Page 310Goodrich, Goodwin, Greenough, Hartwell, Hastings
Page 311Heard, Hopkins, Houghton, Huntington, Hyde
Page 312Hyde, Jackson, Jewett, Judson, Kebbe, Leonard
Page 313McLennan, Marsh, Marshall, Miller, Moulton
Page 314Noyes, Oldham, Osborne, Palmer, Parsons
Page 315Peirce, Perine, Phillips, Pierce
Page 316Prest, Ramsdell, Richards, Riggs, Ripley, Rogers
Page 317Sessions, Seymour, Sherman, Skeele, Smith
Page 318Stearns, Steele, Sullivan, Tenney, Thompson, Vaill
Page 319Votaw, Waldo, Warriner, Whiting, Wilbar
Page 320Wilkinson, Woodin, Wright, NonGraduates: Allen, Bacon
Page 321Blair, Brockway, Doolittle, Fish, Gard, Gleason, Goodwin
Page 322Griffith, Haynes, Jacobs, Little, Merritt
Page 323Montague, Newman, Niblock, Paine, Prentice, Raymond
Page 324Russell, Sempers, Sullivan, Tillery, Tracy, Warfield, White