Biographical Record of Amherst College Grads and Non-Grads Class of 1887

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Page #Surname
Page 289Graduates: Allen, Alvord
Page 290Bigham, Bliss, Blodgett, Brough, Bryant
Page 291Bulkley, Chase, Conrad, Davis, Dean, Dillingham
Page 292Dixon, Dutton, Goddard, Hardy
Page 293Harlow, Harper, Haskell, Hayley, Haynes
Page 294Payson, Howes, Hubbard, Hunt, Johnson, Keating
Page 295Keene, Kendrick, Knowlton, Linehan, Magill
Page 296Mallon, Mason, Merritt, Mirick, Murphey, Nichols
Page 297Nourse, Palmer, Pratt, Rogers, Rounds
Page 298Rounds, Sanborn, Sedgwick, Sharp, Sibley
Page 299Smith, Stevens, Struthers, Thompson, Thorp
Page 300Truslow, Turtelot, Uchimura, White, Whitehill
Page 301Whitmarsh, Whitney, Willard, Wood, NonGraduates: Benjamin, Call
Page 302Chapin, Foye, Gay, Hale, Hardy, Harriman, Jones, Kidder
Page 303Mills, Nay, Putnam, Record, Riker, Ross
Page 304Sullivan, Sutton, Wheeler