Biographical Record of Amherst College Grads and Non-Grads Class of 1884

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Page #Surname
Page 233Graduates: Alvord, Appleton
Page 234Atwater, Baker, Barker, Bassett, Billings, Buffum
Page 235Butler, Child, Clark
Page 236Cole, Cooper, Cortiss, Crocker, Dakin, Eastman
Page 237Eustis, Fellows, Fiske, French, Gardner
Page 238Gardner, Gifford, Gill, Goodwin
Page 239Greene, Hastings, Hathaway, Heavens, Herrick
Page 240Johnston, Kelsey, Kinney, Kinsley, Learoyd, Loftus
Page 241Lyon, Mahoney, Milan, Morse, North
Page 242Noyes, Parker, Prentiss, Robinson, Rockwood
Page 243Rossiter, Sawyer, Seymour, Smith, Spafford
Page 244Spaulding, Taylor, Terry, Thompson, Tufts
Page 245Turner, Upham, Wadsworth, Ward
Page 246Dickinson, Weeden, Wheeler, Wilbur
Page 247Willcox, Williams, Winslow, Wood
Page 248Wood, Wright, NonGraduates: Baker, Baldridge, Converse, Dickinson
Page 249Garman, Hayes, Hitchcock, Hunt, Hyde, Jones, Miller
Page 250Morse, Noble, Phelps, Pratt, Ranlet, Reynolds
Page 251Richardson, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Schumann, Sullivan
Page 252Whitcomb, White, Worth