Biographical Record of Amherst College Grads and Non-Grads Class of 1882

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Page #Surname
Page 191Graduates: Aldrich
Page 192Allen, Arnd, Bancroft, Bellows
Page 193Bixler, Blake, Blatchford, Bliss
Page 194Burt, Bush, Camp, Cowan, Cushing, Draper
Page 195Ely, Greene, Hale, Hall, Harvey
Page 196Hastings, Hayward, Hitchcock, Hobbs, Howard
Page 197Howland, Hunt, Judd, Knapp, Lawrence, Loomis
Page 198Lovell, Lyman, Manning, Martin, Matthews, Mills
Page 199Nason, Nichols
Page 200Partridge, Perry, Proctor, Reed, Richardson
Page 201Rolfe, Rouse, Savage, Smith
Page 202Smith, Stanford, Stearns, Stoddard, Thayer
Page 203Thompson, Tuck, Tucker, Ufford, Washburn, Watters
Page 204Whitehead, Whiting, Wier, Williams
Page 205Wing, NonGraduates: Adams, Albree, Blanchard, Burpee, Burton
Page 206Cate, Chase, Child, Currier, Day, Dyer
Page 207Fisher, Giddings, Grover, Hathaway, Hobbs, Howes, Howland
Page 208Hussey, Ingraham, Jerome, Lawrence, Longley, Lowry
Page 209Odlin, Potter, Stearns, Torie, VanBuren, VanWagenen
Page 210Waldo, Wheelwright