Biographical Record of Amherst College Grads and Non-Grads Class of 1879

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Page #Surname
Page 130Graduates: Agard
Page 131Allen, Almy, Beard, Belden, Bissell
Page 132Bond, Bonney, Buynton, Bruce
Page 133Carleton, Carson, Carver, Chapin, Chickering
Page 134Coit, Crowell, Davis, Deyo
Page 135Dickinson, Floger, Gay, Goodnow
Page 136Goodrich, Goold, Gordon, Hagen, Hardy
Page 137Harvey, Hathaway, Hitchcock, Hubbard
Page 138Hutchins, Jameson, Johnson, Baron
Page 139Kellogg, Kelly, Knapp, Lane, Lattimer, Lincoln
Page 140Marvine, Merrick, Merrill, Mitchell, Morse, Newton
Page 141Norton, Palmer, Percival
Page 142Peterson, Pratt, Pruyne, Rayner, Sanderson
Page 143Sargent, Seccombe, Seelye
Page 144Sherman, Shipman, Shumway, Smith, Terry
Page 145Thayer, Thurston, Tuttle, Wainwright, Waldron
Page 146Ward, Wentz, Wheeler, NonGraduates: Adams
Page 147Andrews, Bailey, Ball, Bolles, Brown, Chapin
Page 148Church, Crouse, Cutler, Duvall, Foster, Hanson, Hathaway
Page 149King, Lamson, Mansfield, Parker, Pratt
Page 150Rolfe, Tracy, Valkenberg, Whitten, Williams