Biographical Record of Amherst College Grads and Non-Grads Class of 1877

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Page #Surname
Page 088Graduates: Adams, Armstrong, Barber
Page 089Blake, Chadwick, Clark
Page 090Coffran, Collester, Copeland, Dresser
Page 091Eddy, Ely, Fowler, Gilbert, Graham
Page 092Gray, Green, Hartwell, Hingeley
Page 093Keith, Kress, Kyle, Lamson, Leete
Page 094Lewis, Look, Loomis, Lowe
Page 095McLauthin, MacLeod, Marple, Marsh
Page 096Mason, Maxson
Page 097Morrell, Nash, Newman, Osgood, Pearson
Page 098Peet, Perkins, Pratt, Randolph
Page 099Record, Redfield, Reed, Reynolds, Ross
Page 100Ryder, Salter, Sanford, Searle, Shaw
Page 101Shehan, Sibley, Small, Smith
Page 102Smith, Stockbridge, Stout, Taylor
Page 103Thrall, Tidd, Tobey, Towne, Utter
Page 104Waples, Weeden, Wheeler, Williams, Wright
Page 105NonGraduates: Beardsley, Bond, Briggs, Brown, Brownlee
Page 106Davenport, Deady, Ferry, Fowler, Gere, Gifford, Gilbert
Page 107Gilman, McLain, McLean, May, Mitchell, Pollock
Page 108Roak, Ryder, Sabin, Smith, Tharp
Page 109Trimble, Van Benschoten, Wilson