Biographical Record of Amherst College Grads and Non-Grads Class of 1876

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Page #Surname
Page 069Graduates: Bacon, Ballard, Barker
Page 070Bartlett, Bateman, Beardslee, Betts, Bowler
Page 071Boyden, Bundy, Chaffee, Chilson
Page 072Clark, Cloak, Cross, Darling
Page 073Denfield, Dickinson, Ducker, Fiske, George
Page 074Gilman, Greene, Guild, Hawes
Page 075Herbert, Hoffman, Holbrook, Howland
Page 076Hubbard, Hunter, Jewett, Kelsey
Page 077Kimball, Knight, McKnight, Marsh, Patton
Page 078Patton, Paullin, Plimpton, Powell, Pratt
Page 079Proudman, Reynolds, Ricketts, Ripley, Sanderson, Searle
Page 080Seely, Smith
Page 081Smith, Stanchfield, Starrett, Stearns
Page 082Stevens, Storke, Swift, Sybrant, Washburn
Page 083White, Whiting, Williams, Woodward, NonGraduates: Bailey, Baldwin
Page 084Baldwin, Beck, Beechler, Bishop, Blaisdell, Brown, Bell
Page 085Clapp, Clark, Dickinson, Edwards, Ely, Fowler, Fulton, Goodnow
Page 086Hamilton, Harper, Hersey, Hobbie, Hollingsworth, Johnston
Page 087McClure, Packard, Read, Redway, Richmond, Ward
Page 088Wilson