Biographical Record of Amherst College Grads and Non-Grads Class of 1875

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Page #Surname
Page 054Graduates: Adams, Armstrong
Page 055Arnd, Babcock, Bellows, Benton, Blanchard, Brooks
Page 056Bruce, Buffum, Chapman
Page 057Cross, DeWitt, Elwell, Ely
Page 058Fearing, Feemster, Forbes, Freeman
Page 059Gay, Goodale, Hamlin
Page 060Headley, Hosmer, Johnson, Kauffmann
Page 061Kent, Knight, Lord, Lovell
Page 062Mayo-Smith, Mears, Moore, Palmer, Reeves
Page 063Sanborn, Sanders, Sawyer, Scoville, Sears
Page 064Skeele, Smith, Strong, Tead
Page 065Todd, Vinton
Page 066White, Wolfe, NonGraduates: Bacon, Brown, Fiske, George
Page 067Hanna, Henry, Howard, Littlefield, Logan, Mitchell
Page 068Norcross, Perkins, Perry, Pike, Samson, Thompson
Page 069Woodward, Woodworth