Biographical Record of Amherst College Grads and Non-Grads Class of 1874

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Page #Surname
Page 035Graduates: Allen, Amidon, Atwell, Baker
Page 036Ballantine, Bancroft, Barbour, Birdseye
Page 037Biscoe, Brewer, Broadhead, Brown
Page 038Charles, Clarke, Colton, Crocker, Darling
Page 039Dewey, Dickinson, Dow
Page 040Ely, Field, Forbes, Frye, Gillette
Page 041Goldsmith, Green, Hartwell
Page 042Judd, Keep, Kilbourn, Leland
Page 043Loomis, Marsh, Marsten, Maynard
Page 044Mears, Mellen, Merrill, Mills
Page 045Mills, Morse, Muzzy, Pierce, Phalen
Page 046Phelps, Richmond, Ruddock, Sanderson
Page 047Sawhill, Scott, Slocum, Smith
Page 048Smith
Page 049Stearns, Stoddard, Stuart, Thrall
Page 050Turner, Waite, Washburn, Whitridge
Page 051Wolff, NonGraduates: Atwood, Baldwin, Casey, Congdon, Copp
Page 052Crammond, Darling, Field, Fish, Frost, Hall, Hawley
Page 053Holmes, Howland, Loring, Pratt, Sawtelle, Smith, Trowbridge
Page 054Whitney, Woodward