Biographical Record of Amherst College Grads and Non-Grads Class of 1873

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Page #Surname
Page 017Graduates: Atkins
Page 018Benner, Bennett, Booth, Bradley, Bridgman
Page 019Brooks, Chase, Clark, Collester, Comstock
Page 020Cooper, Cunningham
Page 021Cutler, Damon, Davis, Gibbons, Goodwin
Page 022Hall, Hartwell, Hatch, Haven, Heap
Page 023Hirschll, Hobbie, King, Lawrie, Layton, Lewis
Page 024Loud, Merriam, Morse
Page 025Mulford, Negley, Nelson, Nims, Norris, Parkhurst
Page 026Patton, Sherman, Sperry, Strong, Stuart
Page 027Swift, Thrall
Page 028Tyler, Warner, Williams
Page 029Winn, Woods, NonGraduates: Barbour
Page 030Beardsley, Biggam, Bliss, Cristy, Deady, Dodge, Edmond, Farnsworth
Page 031Field, Gray, Hale, Hall, Hart
Page 032Hayward, Hersey, Hoyt, Jefferson, Jenckes, Johnson, Lawrie
Page 033McKechnie, Parsons, Pease, Robertson, Slattery, Smith
Page 034Thompson, Torrey, Veeder, Woodbridge, Woodman
Page 035Woodman