Biographical Record of Amherst College Grads and Non-Grads Class of 1872

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Page #Surname
Page 001Graduates: Adams
Page 002Bailey, Bancroft, Barrows, Bartholomew
Page 003Benedict, Bonnell, Carey, Church
Page 004Clancy, Clark, Cornish
Page 005Dingwell, Doolittle, Dowd, Fowler, French
Page 006Garman, Gaylord, Glidden, Hall
Page 007Henshaw, Hitchcock, Hobart, Hodgman
Page 008Holbrook, Stockbridge, McElhinney, Mallary
Page 009Metcalf, Morse, Negley, Packard, Paine
Page 010Paine, Parker, Pelton, Siebert, Spaulding
Page 011Stevens, Thompson, Thurlow, Tuckerman
Page 012Wilkins, White, NonGraduates: Alexander
Page 013Bagg, Burleigh, Chase, Clift, Dale, Dick
Page 014Getman, Hale, Hosmer, Howard, Johnston
Page 015Kirk, Langley, Miller, Murray, Parkhurst
Page 016Prince, Putnam, Riley, Robertson, Robinson, Smith, Thompson, Tiffany
Page 017Williams, Wood, Wyman