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Below is a free online archive of school alumni records (Yearbooks, alumni publications, etc.) and scanned images from publications concerning school alumni. These databases are searchable from the search box, below. Alternately, you may peruse our collection by geographic locations. Please note that we are adding to our collection on a regular basis. Please check back often for new databases.

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Recently Added Alumni Lists

  Holy Cross College Alumni Directory 1843 - 1933
  Directory of the Living Alumni (in 1904) of Yale University
  University of Maine Alumni and Non-Graduate Directory 1929
  Stanford University Alumni Directory 1891-1920
  Dulwich College (London, England) Register, 1619 - 1926
  Alumni History of the University of North Carolina, 1795 to 1924
  West Virginia University 1928-29 Directory of Faculty and Students

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