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1913 Alumni Record of the University of Illinois - Class of 1906

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Page #Surname
Page 370Adams, Allen, Allinson, Allison, Alverson (Eckhardt), Amrine
Page 371Anderson, Andrew, Applegate, Archer, Arizpe, Armeling, Atkinson, Augustinus, Awsumb, Bacon, Baird
Page 372Baker (Blue), Baldwin, Bannon, Banschbach (Bascom), Bard, Barickman, Barnhart, Barr (Walcott), Barto
Page 373Bates, Bauer, Baxter, Beach, Bean (Docker), Beauford (Deal), Bell (Fleck), Bench, Bergert, Bond
Page 374Boone, Boyle, Bradley (Anderson), Brightman, Brown, Brownson, Brush
Page 375Bryan, Buellesfield, Bullard, Bumann, Bumstead, Burwash, Bush, Butzow, Cantlin, Carey
Page 376Carr, Carter, Cary (Bailey), Case, Cavins, Chapin, Christiansen, Clark, Cleary
Page 377Close, Coffey, Colby, Cole (Moreland), Comstock, Conard (Jacob), Cone, Cornell, Corrigan, Craig
Page 378Craig, Cratty, Currie, Cutler, Dallenbach, Davis, Deason, Depuy, Derwent
Page 379Dewey, De Witt, Dillon, Dixon, Donoghue, Dool, Doran, Doughty, Drew, Dugan
Page 380Dunlap, Dunn, Durfee, Dymond, Dysart, Edwards, Eiker, Emerson, Emmerson, Enger
Page 381Erickson, Essington, Evans, Ewing, Fairchild, Fargo, Feind, Flowers, Forrest
Page 382Franklin, Frost, Fucik, Galeener, Gambach, Gardner, Garwood, Gay, Gill
Page 383Glass, Graff, Graham, Grandpre, Gray, Gregory, Grigsby, Haase, Hachmeister
Page 384Hall, Healy, Hegnauer, Hellmann, Henderson, Henning, Henry, Hewes
Page 385Hewes, Hickey, Hillyer, Hoff, Holl, Holman, Hook, Hopkins (Hunt), Howe
Page 386Hubbart, Huff, Hulteen, Jackson, Jacobsen, James, Jens, Jensen
Page 387Johnson, Jordan, Kanne, Kays, Keator (Thompson), Kemp, Kendall
Page 388Kidder, Kilner (Carr), Kimball, Kimmel, Kirkpatrick, Klein, Kline, Knight, Kolker, Kunkle
Page 389Lanham (Bronson), Larson, Latzer, Laycock, Leonard, Lewis, Little, Llewellyn, Logan (Montooth), Long
Page 390McClurg, McConaughy, McCormick, McCoy, McCully, McIntire, McLellan (Snushall), Mack
Page 391Main, Mann, Marsh, Marshall, Maxey, Maxwell, Meharry, Mehren, Meissner, Melvin, Miller (Moore)
Page 392Miller, Mitchell, Mohr (Dole), Moore, Morgan, Morton, Mosiman, Mulberry (Mulliken), Myers
Page 393Neu, Nichol (Foster), Nichols, Nutting, Oldefest, Paine, Palmer, Parr, Peebles, Pepper
Page 394Percival (Fishback), Phipps, Poirot, Pollard, Porter, Porterfield, Post, Powell, Pray, Preihs
Page 395Putting, Rapp, Rein, Rich, Richards, Risser, Robert, Roberts (Brannum), Robinson (Kauffman), Robinson
Page 396Robinson, Rodman, Rodriguez, Rogers (Schreiber), Rutledge, Saathoff, Sanford, Schmahl, Schoeller, Schulte, Seavert
Page 397Shilton, Shinn, Sigler, Slater, Slocum, Smith, Smith (Steinhilber)
Page 398Snider, Snow, Sommer, Stanley, Steele, Stevens, Strauch, Strawn, Stromberg, Strong, Suttle
Page 399Swart, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Tobie, Tomlinson, Toops, Towle, Trimble, Turell, Turner (Thomas)
Page 400Van Meter (Alyea), Wagoner, Waldo, Walsh, Wamsley (Bower), Warder, Warner, Washburn, Watkins, Weaver, Webb (Barto)
Page 401Webster, Weilepp (Musselmann), Wells, Wheeler (Bennett), Whipple, White, Whitten, Wilkinson
Page 402Wise, Wood, Woodin, Woolman (Worthen), Wooster, Wright, Wyeth, Yates


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