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Welcome to The Rig Veda, Volume XIII, Yearbook of Illinois College June, 1911

We have scanned The Rig Veda, Volume XIII, Yearbook of Illinois College June, 1911. and indexed it for your quick search. Click on the page number which corresponds to the page in which you are interested and this should take you to the appropriate page.These pages are scans of the original publication which are fairly large files. The average page is about 80K, although some are much larger, and will download slowly if you are not on a fast connection. Please be patient and let us know if you have problems.

Page #Decsription / Names
Page 2Dedication
Page 3Portrait of Miss Stella L. Cole
Page 4Photograph, Rig Veda Board
Page 5Big Veda Board Members
Page 6Prologue
Page 7Trustees / Rammelkamp, Kirby, Strawn, Pitner, Capps, Shaw, Ayers, Hay, Worthington, Russel, Black, Wemple, Smith, Shaw, Brady, Barnes, Hockenhull, Henderson, Goltra, Tanner, Downing, Wilson; Officers of the Board / Russel, Strawn, Black, Ayers, Field, French
Page 8Faculty / Rammelkamp, Ames, Hayden, Beal, Cole, Smith, Harris, Homberger, Senning, Robinson, Anderson, Harmon, Thompson, Nate, Furr, Cole, Dewey, Broadwell
Page 9Faculty Portraits
Page 10Conservatory Faculty Portraits
Page 11Conservatory Faculty / Rammelkamp, Kritch, Munger, Bullard, Webener, Jerauld, Read, Jensen, Forsythe, Thompson, Doane
Page 12Greeting
Page 13Portrait
Page 15Senior Class Officers / Underwood, Robb, Wilson, Linkins, Cole
Page 16Senior Class History
Page 17Senior Class History
Page 18Senior Class History
Page 21Photo Collage
Seniors, Portrait and Brief Bio:
Page 22Colton, Underwood
Page 23Knoeppel, Phillips
Page 24Potter, Robb
Page 25Fairbank, Rucker
Page 26Drach, Brown
Page 27Wilson, Hargraves
Page 28Morrison, Johnson
Page 29Blackburn, Talmage
Page 30Gruenewald, Mendonsa
Page 31Linkins, Wright
Page 32Dorris, Underwood
Page 19Junior Class Banquet
Page 19AJunior Class Banquet
Page 34Junior Class Officers / Capps, Hedgecock, Phillips, Clowes, Hayden
Juniors, Portraits:
Page 35Capps, Jackson, Miller, Siefkin
Page 36Smith, Norbury, Capps, Warren, Clowes
Page 37Morris, Hedgecock, Nebold, Turner, Noll
Page 38Davis, Swain, Havenhill, Kingsley, Phillips
Page 40Sophomore Class and Officers / Ames, Gummersheimer, Ross, Baird, Russel, Taylor, Clark, Johnson, Linder, Widenham, Russel, Epler, Clark, Taylor, Barbour, Monroe, Kimbel, Gummersheimer, Hall, Whitacre, Montgomery, Berry, Parker, Baird, Martin, Ross, Baldwin, Brown
Page 41Sophomore Portraits
Page 42Photograph
Page 44Freshmen Class and Officers / Homberger, Dugger, Barnsbeck, Cleary, Spruitt, Berry, Dinsmore, Dugger, George, Hickman, Pennepacker, Hatfield, Quisenberry, Schofield, Barnsback, McGhee, Rhea, Routzong, Stotlar, Capps, Hayden, Cleary, Case, Jensen, Dale, Dorris, Engvall, Hammack, King, Spruitt, Bucheit, French, Phillips, Merrill, Rice, Russel, Struck, Bellatti, Leiter, Brown, Pratt, Sinclair
Page 45Freshman Portraits
Page 46Photograph - The Dorm
Page 47Illustration "Preps"
Page 48Narrative "The Academy"
Page 49W. A. Semi-Obituary
Page 50Whipple Seniors / Anderson, Wilson, Wells, Rieman, Nebold, Rieman, Wells, Taylor, Wilson, Taylor
Page 51Whipple Seniors Portraits
Page 52Whipple Middlers Portraits
Page 53Whipple Middlers / Robinson, Alford, Bray, Darragh, Dugger, McHugh, Smith, Berry, Cadwell, Day, Hatcher, Shumaker, Stark
Page 54Whipple Juniors and Sub-Juniors / Biggs, Rantz, Gibbs, Killam, Harmon, Caldwell, Ferreira, Rees, Sholl, Drury, McClay, Zercher, Barnett, Blakeman, Cromwell, Fiss, Grantham, Harney, Hopper, McCormick, Morrison, Preston, Rantz, Reid, Seymour, Stainsforth, Weber, Killam, Biggs, Colton, Drury. Gibbs, Harney, Henry, Johnson, Lawless, Nunes, Prins, Reeve, Roberts, Simmons, Waggoner, Ducy, McDonald
Page 55Whipple Juniors and Sub-Juniors Portraits
Page 56Photograph - Beecher Hall
The Broader College Life
Literary Societies
Page 59Verses
Page 60Phi Alpha Officers and Members
Page 61Phi Alpha Photograph
Page 62Sigma Pi Photograph
Page 63Sigma Pi Officers and Members
Page 64Philogian Officers and Members
Page 65"Josh and Mac"
Page 66Photographs - Illinois Millikin, Illinois Wesleyan
Page 68Gamma Delta Officers and Members
Page 69Gamma Delta Photograph
Page 70Illinois College Commons
Page 71YMCA Portrait
Page 72YWCA Portrait
Page 73YMCA and YWCA Cabinets
Page 74The College Rambler
Page 75Photograph - Rambler Board
Page 76Photograph Geo. W. Turner
Page 77Narrative "The Neglected Patriot" by Geo. W. Turner
Page 78"The Neglected Patriot"
Page 79"The Neglected Patriot"
Page 80"The Neglected Patriot"
Page 81Debates
Page 82YWCA Luncheons and Benefits
Page 83Declamation Contests
Page 84Declamation Contests
Page 85Club Meetings
Page 86Athletic Benefit
Page 87Alumni Associations
Page 88Commencement
Page 90Athletic Association
Page 91Foot Ball Cartoon
Page 92Foot Ball Team List
Page 93Foot Ball Team Picture
Page 94Basket Ball Team Picture
Page 95Basket Ball Team List
Page 96Basket Ball Cartoon
Page 97Base Ball Cartoon
Page 98Base Ball Team List
Page 99Base Ball Team Picture
Page 100Miscellaneous Sports
Page 101Track Cartoon
Page 102Track Team List
Page 103Track Team Picture
Page 104Photograph of Gymnasium
Page 105Illinois-Millikin Meet
Page 106"A Recognition"
Page 107"Duck Soup"
Page 108"In Memoriam"
Page 109"Chapel in Dreamland"
Page 110"The Immortal Four"
Page 111Clubs
Page 112"A Night in North Crampton"
Page 113"Mike's Duxture"
Page 114Au Revoir; Rig Veda Hero Medals
Page 115Advertisements
Page 116Illinois College - Eighty-First Year
Page 117"The College Alphabet"
Page 118"Out West"
Page 119Advertisements
Page 120Advertisements
Page 121"The Novel Class"
Page 122"The Novel Class"
Page 124Clubs
Page 125Clippings from The Smokeville Gazette
Page 126Clubs
Page 127Advertisements
Page 128Advertisements
Page 129Advertisements
Page 130"King Bud"
Page 131Advertisements
Page 132"Coupon No. 23"
Page 133Advertisements
Page 134College Calendar
Page 135Advertisements
Page 136College Calendar
Page 137Advertisements
Page 138College Calendar
Page 139Advertisements
Page 140College Calendar
Page 141Advertisements
Page 142College Calendar
Page 143Advertisements
Page 144College Calendar
Page 145Advertisements
Page 146College Calendar
Page 147Advertisements
Page 148College Calendar
Page 149Advertisements
Page 150College Calendar
Page 151College Calendar
Page 152Advertisements
Page 153College Calendar
Page 154Advertisements

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