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    University of California - Berkeley, Alumni - E

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    Note: The source for this information is "The Blue and Gold '86," The Yearbook of the University of California, Berkeley

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    • Last name, First Name Class ~ Degree(s) - Profession (Married?) Residence

    • Earl, Guy C. 1883 ~ A. B. - Law student, with Estee & Wilson, San Francisco () Oakland
    • Easterby, Frank G. 1878 ~ Ph. B., Mech. - Bookkeeper. Deputy Collector of Internal Revenue () San Francisco
    • Edmonds, Annie C. 1882 ~ Ph. B., Lit. - Studying Art () Italy
    • Edmonds, Harry M. 1882 ~ Student of Philology - () Bonn, Germany
    • Edwards, Charles A. 1882 ~ Ph. B., Lit. - Bank Clerk () Santa Barbara
    • Edwards, George C. 1873 ~ Ph. B., C. E. - Assistant Professor of Mathematics at U. C. (Married) Oakland
    • Edwards, George S. 1879 ~ Ph. B., Min. - Farmer (Married) Santa Barbara
    • Eisner, Milton S. 1880 ~ A. B. - Of Frank & Eisner, Attorneys at law (Married) San Francisco
    • Emerson, D. L. 1864 ~ A. B. - Attorney at Law (Married) Berkeley
    • Enslow, Ora M. 1880 ~ Ph. B., C. E. - Farmer (Married) Oroville, Butte Co.
    • Everett, Carlton 1879 ~ Ph. B., C. E. - Civil Engineer on railroad work () Central America

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