Stanford University Matriculates Directory 1891-1920 - Surnames beginning with W

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Page #Surnames
Page 520Wachtel, Wada, Waddell, Wade, Wadsworth, Waelty, Wagener
Page 521Wagener, Waggoner, Wagner, Wahrenberger, Wainwright, Wait, Waite, Wakabayashi, Wakefield, Wakeman, Wakimoto, Walbridge, Waldo, Waldorf
Page 522Waldraff, Waldron, Waldrop, Wales, Walker
Page 523Walker, Wall, Wallace, Wallach, Waller, Walling, Wallingford
Page 524Wallis, Walls, Walsh, Walter, Walters, Walther, Walton, Wanamaker, Wanzer, Waplington, Ward
Page 525Ward, Wardall, Warden, Ware, Warfield, Waring, Wark, Warlow, Warmoth, Warn, Warner
Page 526Warner, Warnock, Warren, Warrick, Warrior, Wartenweiler, Warthorst, Washburn, Washburne, Wason
Page 527Wason, Wass, Wassman, Wasson, Wassum, Watanabe, Waterhouse, Waterman, Waters, Wathey, Watkins, Watkinson, Watson
Page 528Watson, Watt, Wattenberger, Watterick, Watters, Watts, Waud, Waugenheim, Waugh, Waxham, Way, Wayland, Weakley, Wear, Weast, Weatherford, Weatherley, Weatherwax
Page 529Weaver, Webb, Webber, Weber, Webster
Page 530Webster, Weddle, Wedekind, Wedel, Weed, Weedmark, Weeks, Wegis, Wegner, Weh, Wehner, Weidemann, Weigle, Weihe, Weil, Weiler
Page 531Weills, Weinmann, Weir, Weisel, Weiser, Weiss, Weissbach, Weist, Weitbrecht, Weitzel, Welch, Weld, Welday, Weldon, Weldt, Welges, Welhaven, Welin, Welke, Welker, Weller, Welling, Wellington, Wellman
Page 532Wellman, Wells, Welsh, Welshans, Welton, Wemra, Wenceslow, Wende, Wendling, Wendt, Wenger, Wenk
Page 533Wentworth, Wentz, Wenzel, Wepfer, Werba, Werner, Wernli, Wertheimer, Werthman, Wescott, Wessells, West, Westall, Westbie, Westcott, Westenhaver, Westerman, Westfall, Westhold, Westlund
Page 534Weston, Westphal, Westwick, Wetherby, Wetmore, Wetzel, Wetzler, Weyer, Weymouth, Weyse, Whaley, Wharton, Whealton, Wheat, Wheatley, Wheatly, Wheaton, Wheeler
Page 535Wheeler, Wheelon, Whelan, Wherry, Whetstone, Whiffen, Whipple, Whisler, Whitaker
Page 536Whitaker, White
Page 537White, Whited, Whiteford, Whitehead, Whitehouse, Whiteman, Whiteside, Whiting, Whitley, Whitlock, Whitmer, Whitmeyer, Whitmire, Whitmore, Whitmoyer, Whitney, Whitted, Whittelsey
Page 538Whittemore, Whitten, Whittier, Whittle, Whittlesey, Wichman, Wickersham, Wickersham, Wickett, Wicking, Widell, Widick, Widney, Wiebalk, Wiedemer, Wiedman, Wiegel, Wiel, Wier, Wiese, Wiggins
Page 539Wiggins, Wight, Wigle, Wilbur, Wilcox
Page 540Wilcox, Wilde, Wilder, Wildman, Wilent, Wiles, Wiley, Wilhelm, Wilhelmson, Wilke, Wilkeson, Wilkie, Wilkins
Page 541Wilkins, Wilkinson, Will, Willard, Willcox, Willett, Willey, Willfong, Williams
Page 542Williams
Page 543Williams, Williamson
Page 544Williamson, Willimann, Willis, Williston, Willits, Willot, Willoughby, Wills, Wilmot, Wilson
Page 545Wilson
Page 546Wilson, Wiltz, Wimberly, Winans, Winant, Winchell, Wincup, Winder, Windish, Winebrener, Wineburgh, Wines, Wing
Page 547Wing, Wingard, Wingate, Wingood, Winham, Winkle, Winklebleck, Winlow, Winn, Winne, Winninger, Winship, Winslow, Winter, Winters, Wintler, Winton, Wipperman
Page 548Wirt, Wirtz, Wisdom, Wise, Wisehart, Wiseman, Wishard, Wislizenus, Wisnom, de Wit, Witherbee, Witherell, Withers, Withey, Witmer, Witt, Witter, Witwer, Witzeman, Wocker, Woerner, Wohlford
Page 549Woitishek, Wolcott, Wolf, Wolfard, Wolfe, De Wolfe, Wolfenbarger, Wolff, Wolfley, Wolford, Wollaston, Wollenberg, Wolters, Wolverton, Womack, Wondries, Wong
Page 550Wong, Woo, Wood
Page 551Wood, Woodard, Woodbridge, Woodburn, Woodbury, Woodcock
Page 552Woodhams, Woodhead, Woodin, Woodman, Woodmansee, Woodnutt, Woodruff, Woods, Woodville, Woodward, Woodworth, Wooley, Woollen, Woolley, Wollomes, Woolrich, Woolsey
Page 553Woolverton, Woolwine, Wooster, Wootten, Worden, Workman, Wormser, Worsley, Worstell, Worswick, Worth, Worthington, Worthy, Wotkyns, Wrenn, Wright
Page 554Wright
Page 555Wright, Wrightsman, Wrigley, Wu, Wuesthoff, Wulff, Wurr, Wurzmeiler, Wyant, Wyatt, Wyckoff, Wylie, Wyman
Page 556Wynne, Wyrick