Stanford University Alumni Directory 1891-1920

Welcome to the digital archive of the "Stanford University Alumni Directory 1891-1920" and Ten-Year Book, (Graduates and Non-Graduates).   This book was published by Stanford University in 1921 and includes the chronology of the University; separate alphabetical lists of Trustees, faculty, all University matriculates (majority of the publication), and alumni of Cooper Medical College; separate lists of University alumni and Cooper Medical College by residence; and some additional information.   The faculty list is very brief, listing subjects taught by years taught and other positions held, but for all faculty during the period.   The University matriculates section is far more comprehensive including, in many cases, degrees earned at the University as well as outside it, military service, current profession, marriages, date of death where applicable, and current (as of publication) place of residence.

We have scanned the original publication and indexed it for your quick reference.   To view individual records, locate the appropriate section and then first letter of the surname.   Clicking there will take you to a list of pages with surnames.   Clicking on the appropriate page number(s) will take you to the page of the original publication.

PagesDescription / Surnames
Pages 001 - 013Miscellany
Page 001Title Page
Page 002Blank
Page 003Prefatory Note
Page 004Blank
Page 005Contents
Page 006Chronology
Page 007Chronology
Page 008Founders; Trustees
Page 009Former Trustees
Page 010Succession of Trustees
Page 011Abbreviations
Page 012Abbreviations
Page 013Abbreviations
Pages 015 - 059University Faculty
Pages 061 - 559University Matriculates:

Pages 561 - 586Alumni of Cooper Medical College - alphabetical
Pages 587 - 614University Alumni - by class year:

Pages 615 - 680University Alumni - by residence:

Pages 681 - 686Alumni of Cooper Medical College - by residence:

Pages 687 - 696Miscellany
Page 687Grads and non-Grads distribution by states and country
Page 688Grads and non-Grads distribution by Cities
Page 689Grads and non-Grads distribution by Cities
Page 690Grads and non-Grads distribution by Cities
Page 691Grads and non-Grads distribution by Cities
Page 692Grads and non-Grads European War Service
Page 693Alumni Association
Page 694Alumni Association
Page 695Alumni Association
Page 696Addenda, Subsequent Entries / Barry, Blood, Boynton, Brinton, Burbridge, Casey, Collyer, Covey, Crowe, Darling, Dickey, Dibell, Doe, Dorn, Elden, Fairchild, Fenzi, Foster, Foy, Francheschi, Frantz, Greenwood, Hancock, Hannah, Haraguchi, Meminger, Mills, Palmer, Smith