Stanford University Matriculates Directory 1891-1920 - Surnames beginning with G

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Page #Surnames
Page 219Gabel, Gabine, Gaches, Gaddis, Gaden, Gaffney, Gage, Gagos, Gailfus, Gaines, Gaither, Galbraith, Galbreath, Gale, Gallatin
Page 220Gallegos, Galliano, Gallois, Galloway, Galpin, Galt, Galvin, Gamble, Gamboni, Gamer, Gammon, Gandolfo, Gandy, Gangestad, Gannett, Ganong, Gansert, Garat, de Garay, Garber, Garcelon, Gard
Page 221Gardiner, Gardner, Gareau, Garey, Garfias, Garfield, Garibaldi, Garland, Garlick
Page 222Garliepp, Garlinghouse, Garner, Garnett, Garratt, Garretson, Garrett, Garrettson, Garriques, Garrison, Garsed, Garst, Garstang, Garth, Garton, Gartz, Gartzmann, Garver, Garvin, Garwood, Gary
Page 223Gary, Gaskell, Gassaway, Gaston, Gatch, Gatchell, Gates, Gatewood, Gault, Gause, Gauterau, Gavagan, Gavett, Gavin, Gay, Gazlay, Gazley, Gearhart, Gearn, Geary, Gebb, Gebert, Gee, Geer
Page 224Geer, Gehrmann, Geibel, Geis, Geiselhart, Geisler, Geissler, Geistweit, Gelatt, von Geldern, Gemmill, Gentry, Genung, Geoghegan, George, Geppert, Gerard, Gerber, Gerichs, Gerken, Gerlach
Page 225Gerlach, Gerlinger, Germain, German, Gerrans, Gerson, Gertridge, Gerwin, Getz, Geyer, Gherini, Ghirardelli, Ghrist, Gianelli, Gianini, Gibb, Gibbel, Gibbon, Gibbons, Gibbs, Giblin
Page 226Gibner, Gibson, Giddings, Giebel, Giesea, Giesecke, Giesy, Gifford, Gilbert
Page 227Gilbert, Gilbertson, Gilbreath, Gilchrist, Gilchriste, Gildersleeve, Giles, Gilfillan, Gilkey, Gill
Page 228Gillan, Gillelen, Gillespie, Gillett, Gillette, Gilliam, Gillies, Gilliland, Gillis, Gillmore, Gillogly, Gilman
Page 229Gilmer, Gilmore, Gilroy, Gimenez, Gingerick, Giorgio, Gipson, Girard, Girdner, Girot, Girty, Gittings, Givens, Gladding, Gladstone, von Glahn, Glasby, Glascock, Glass, Gleason, Gleeson, Gleim, Gleiss
Page 230Glen, Glendenning, Glenn, Glessner, Glidden, Glikbarg, Glover, Gober, Goddard, Godfrey, Goes, Goetjen, Goetz, Goff, Going, Goldberg, Golden, Goldner, Goldschmidt, Goldsmith, Goldstein
Page 231Goldstone, Goldswirth, Gomes, Gonsalves, Gonzaga, Gonzales, Gonzalez, Good, Goodale, Goodall, Goodan, Goodbody, Goode, Goodell, Goodhue, Goodman, Goodnough, Goodnow, Goodrich, Goodspeed, Goodwin
Page 232Goold, Goplerud, Gordon, Gore, Gores, Gorman, Gormley, Goshen, Goshorn, Goss, Gossett, Gotfredson, Gott, Gottschalk, Goudy, Gough, Gould, Goulding, Goux, Gove
Page 233Gowan, Gowen, Gower, Grabill, Grable, Grace, Grady, Graebe, Gragg, Graham, Grainger, Granberg, Grandy, Granlees
Page 234Grant, Grape, Grass, de Grassi, Grathwell, Gratz, Grau, Graul, Graveley, Gravem, Graves, Gravestock, Gray
Page 235Gray, Graybiel, Greathouse, Greef, Greeley, Green
Page 236Green, Greenaway, Greenberg, Greene
Page 237Greene, Greenebaum, Greenfield, Greening, Greenlaw, Greenleaf, Greenwault, Greenwell, Greenwood, Greer, Gregersen, Gregg
Page 238Gregg, Gregory, Greis, Grelle, Grepe, Greve, Greyson, Grider, Gridley, Grieb, Griffen, Griffin
Page 239Griffith, Griffiths, Griggs, Grigsby, Grimes, Grimm, Grimshaw, Grimsley, Grinnell, Griswold, Grondona, Grosdidier, Grosfield, Grosh, Groshong, Gross, Grossman, Grothe, Grotophorst, Ground
Page 240Grounds, Grout, Grove, Grover, Grow, Grubb, Grueningen, von Grueningen, Grunbaum, Grundy, Gruner, Grunig, Grunsky, Gruwell, Gude, Guerard, Huerena, de Guerre, Guiberson, Guidery, Guilbert, Guild
Page 241Guild, Guilhamet, Guinean, Gulick, Gulling, Gummer, Gundersen, Gundlach, Gundrum, Gunn, Gunnell, Gunst, Gunter, Gunther, Gunthorp, Guppy, Gupta, Gurley, Gurnee, Gussefeld, Gustafson, Gustus, Gutekunst, Guth, Guthridge
Page 242Guthrie, Guy, Guyer, Gwartney