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Columbia County, New York Genealogies

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  • Platner, Peter
    of Claverack, b. 1820 (m. 1845 Catharine Stickle);
    son of Frederick of Kinderhook, b. 1782, d. 1850 (m. Rachel Ham);
    son of Christopher of Taghkanick, b. 1749, d. 1835

  • Platner, Rensselaer, M.D.
    of Germantown (m. Helen Bonesteel);
    son of John of Salem, N.Y., b. 1799, d. 1864 (m. Elizabeth Clum),
    also father of Gen. John Platner;
    son of Marks of Bingham Mills, b. 1710, d. about 1790

  • Plemly, Walter and Ezra
    Walter of Hollowville, b. 1845 (m. 1876 Augusta Drum of Copake)
    Ezra of Claverack, b. 1848 (m. 1882 Mary Gadis of Mellenville)
    sons of Martin Plemly of Claverack, b. 1812 (m. 1833 Eva Ann Smith of Taghkanick);
    son of Peter W. of Claverack, b. 1779, d. 1867 (m. 1808 Jane Whetmore),
    served in war of 1812, battle of Queenstown;
    son of William of Claverack, b. 1753, d. 1830, served in Rev. army, an U.S. pensioner

  • Porter, Eugene H.
    b. 1855;
    son of Curtis H. Porter of Ghent, b. 1829 (m. Kate Hoffman);
    son of Henry of Ancram, b. 1795, d. 1854 (m. Eveline Pixley);
    son of Reuben of Ancram, b. between 1755 - 1760 (m. Elizabeth Moore)

  • Porter, William Henry and Parker John and Herbert C.
    sons of John Porter of Ancram,b. 1824 (m. Sarah A. Niver);
    son of John of Ancram, b. 1785, d. 1865 (m. Catharine Decker);
    son of Reuben of Ancram, b. between 1755 - 1760 (m. Elizabeth Moore, of German descent), of English descent and came from Connecticut

  • Post, James C. and Myers L.
    of Greenport
    sons of Charles C. Post of Greenport, b. 1807 (m. Jane Ann Van Deusen);
    son of Caleb of East Taghkanick, b. about 1785, d. 1830 (m. Gertrude Simmons);
    son of Charles of East Taghkanick, b. 173_, d. 1815-16 (m. Sarah Fowler)

  • Post, Nathan S.
    of Chatham, b. 1827 (m. 1st, 1852 Cornelia Lappam, 2nd, 1854, Mary Miller Tenbrock);
    son of Peter of Farmers' Mills, N.Y., b. 1800, d. 1853 (m. Amelia Slack);
    son of Abraham of Fishkill, N.Y., b. 1773, d. 1833 (m. _____ Gibbons)

  • Potter, Willard J. and George C.
    both of Chatham
    Willard J., b. 1861 (m. Helena Montana);
    George C., b. 1864 (m. Viola Manning);
    sons of Lucien J. Potter, of Chatham, b. 1835 (m. 1st, Elizabeth Hamm, 2nd, Cornelia B. Doty);
    son of Luther of Kingsboro, N.Y., b. 1804, d. 1881 (m. Lucia C. Burr);
    son of Lucien of Litchfield, Conn., b. 1774, d. 1837

  • Potts, Charles W.
    of Clermont (m. Ella Finger);
    son of Jonas of Clermont, b. 1810, d. 1877 (m. Jane Eliza Donerly);
    son of William of Clermont, b. 1772, d. 1854 (m. Margaret Smith);
    son of George of Churchtown, b. about 1740, d. 1818
    son of Ludwig

  • Poucher, John J.
    of Austerlitz, b. 1823 (m. 1859 Angeline Mead);
    son of Jacob A. of Copake, b. 1801, d. 1882 (m. Eva Finger);
    son of Anthony of Claverack, b. 1775, d. 1856 (m. _____ Ham);
    son of Jacob of Hillsdale, b. 1715, d. 1786

  • Poucher, Michael
    of Claverack, 1810 (m. 1835 Lana Lucretia Hover of Taghkanick);
    son of Anthony of Claverack, b. 1775, d. 1856 (m. _____ Ham);
    son of Jacob of Hillsdale, b. 1715, d. 1786

  • Poucher, Wallis
    of Clermont;
    son of James of Clermont, b. 1809, d. 1882 (m. Anna Moore);
    son of Benjamin of Clermont, b. about 1769, d. about 1845 (m. Catharine Cramer);
    son of James of Clermont

  • Powell, Cyprian
    of Red Rock, b. 1816 (m. 1st 1848 Altana Ford, 2nd, 1874 Mrs. Louisa Spencer);
    son of John of Austerlitz, b. 1791, d. 1851 (m. Betsy Haxton);
    son of Cyprian of Austerlitz, b. 1752, d. 1827

  • Powell, Edwin Chace and G. Harold and Alger Wheeler
    of Ghent;
    sons of George T. Powell of Ghent, b. 1843 (m. Marcia Chace);
    son of Townsend of Ghent, b. 1807 (m. Catharine Macy), came from Dutchess County;
    son of James, b. 1750 (m. Martha Townsend)
    son of Nathaniel

    Extracted from:
      American Ancestry:
      Giving the Name and Descent, in the male line, of Americans whose Ancestors Settled in the United States Previous to the Declaration of Independence
      by Thomas P. Hughes
      Vol. II (local series)
      Columbia County, State of New York, 1887
      Please use this information to help your research along by providing clues. This work like all genealogy works most likely contains errors. The only way to be certain of the truth is to view primary documents. We provide this information as a reference only and cannot vouch for the authenticity of any specific lineage contained within it.

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