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Columbia County, New York Genealogies

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  • HARDER, John
    Of Philmont (married Etta Sagendorf) and William of Philmont;
    Sons of Allen of Philmont, born 1830 (married Jane Sophia Clum of Philmont);
    Son of John Clum of Claverack, born 1807, died 1861 (married 1826 Gertrude Maria Becker);
    Son of George of Claverack. born 1758. died 1809 (married Eunice Squires). [515]

  • HARDER, Milfred and Charles H.
    Of Canaan Centre, born 1853 and 1867, respectively;
    Sons of Cornelius of Canaan, born at Ghent, 1829 (married 1852 Ruby B. Ostrander);
    Son of John M. of Canaan, born at Ghent, 1806, died 1869 (married 1827 Maria Ostrander), captain of State militia;
    Son of Michael of White Hall, Canada, born 1786, died 1844 (married 1805 Sarah Miller);
    Son of Ghent, born 1740, died 1835 (married 1767 Lena Moul);
    Son of Jacob of Ghent, born 1714, died 1792 (married 1738 Maritje Van Hoesen). [516]

  • HARDER, Peter
    Of Kinderhook;
    Son of Peter of Kinderhook, born 1791, died 1863 (married Lucretia Van Vleck);
    Son of Nicholas of Kinderhook, born 1757, died 1835. [517]

  • HARDER, Richard Henry
    Of Stockport, born 1815 (married 1838 Catharine Groat);
    Son of Robert of Stockport, born 1774, died 1859 (married 1805 Catharine Traver);
    Son of John M., born 1743, died 1835;
    Son of Michael (married Maria --). [518]

  • HARDER, William A.
    Born 1847 (married Sarah E. Miller) and Charles N., born 1854 (married Ida F. Sagendorph) and Frank J., born 1865, of Philmont;
    Sons of Philip Michael of Philmont, born 1818 (1st marriage 1842 Caroline Nash, 2nd marriage 1858 Sarah Pulver);
    Son of Jacob N. of Claverack, born 1793, died 1856 (married Lana Shufelt of Mellenville);
    Son of Nicholas of Hudson, born 1770, died 1839. [519]

  • HARDER, Wilson, Elbert and Frank
    Of Ghent;
    Sons of Jacob W. of Ghent, born 1834 (married Katherine Kittle);
    Son of Peter of Ghent, born 1801, died 1880 (married Sallie Stupplebeen);
    Son of Jacob P. of Ghent (married Catharine Tator);
    Son of Peter, who died about 1800 (married Margaret Evarts). [520]

  • HARMON, Charles M.
    Of Chatham born 1858 (married Hattie S. Brigg);
    Son of Uriah of Gilbertsville, New York, born 1828 (1st marriage Susannah F. Wilcox, 2nd marriage Ada A. Shaw);
    Son of Corodon of Austerlitz, born 1800, died 1837 (married Mary A. Jenkins);
    Son of John of Austerlitz, born 1760, died 1842;
    Son of Moses, born 1721, died 1812;
    Son of Joseph, born 1682, died 1787;
    Son of Joseph, born 1646, died 1729;
    Son of John, born 1617, who came from England, died May 7, 1660-61. [521]

  • HARRIS, William D.
    Of Chatham, born 1832 (1st marriage Emeline Hogeboom, 2nd marriage Eliza A. Shufelt);
    Son of William of Cazenovia, New York, born 1799, died 1877 (married 1824 Semantha Webber);
    Son of Thomas of Nelson, born 1775, died 1856 (married Christina Wilson), came from New Jersey, 1811, settled at Nelson settlement called Jersey Bush, Friends;
    Son of William of New Jersey, born 1729, died -- (married Hannah Wilson);
    Son of William (married Sarah --). [522]

  • HARRISON, Walter H. and Arthur K.
    Of Lebanon Springs;
    Sons of William Henry of Lebanon Springs;
    Son of Noah;
    Son of Edmund, born 1768, died 1867 (married Ruth Hopkins);
    Son of Noah of Branford and Cornwall, Connecticut (married Hannah Rogers, descendant of John Rogers, the Protestant martyr). [523]

  • HART, John
    Of Livingston;
    Son of William of Germantown, born 1790, died 1859 (married Hannah Schermerhorn);
    Son of William of Germantown, born about 1750, died before 1825-30 (married -- Houghtaling), whose ancestors came from Kent, England. [524]

  • HART, William H.
    Of Hudson (married Maritta Cheney);
    Son of Newton of Winstead, Connecticut, born 1793, died 1868, served in War of 1812;
    Son of Lemuel of Bristol, Connecticut, born before 1760, died 1848, who was a school teacher in Bristol, 1770-74. [525]

  • HARVEY, Frank B. and Frederick
    Of Austerlitz;
    Sons of Lester E. of Austerlitz, born 1843 (married 1865 Emily E. Almsted);
    Son of Alfred of Austerlitz, born 1821 (married Susan Vadican);
    Son of Noah of Austerlitz, born 1804, died 1846 (married Lydia Olds);
    Son of Asa of Austerlitz, born 1766, died 1854 (married Sarah Phelps), came from Rhode Island, 1787;
    Son of Amos of Rhode Island. [526]

    Extracted from:
      American Ancestry:
      Giving the Name and Descent, in the male line, of Americans whose Ancestors Settled in the United States Previous to the Declaration of Independence
      by Thomas P. Hughes
      Vol. II (local series)
      Columbia County, State of New York, 1887
      Please use this information to help your research along by providing clues. This work like all genealogy works most likely contains errors. The only way to be certain of the truth is to view primary documents. We provide this information as a reference only and cannot vouch for the authenticity of any specific lineage contained within it.

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