Vermont Obituaries - Burlington Free Press - March 19, 1914

DR. T. R. Waugh Dead.

Prominent St. Albans Physician and Business Man Had Been Ill in This City Three Months.

Dr. Theodore Rogers Waugh, a prominent physician of St. Albans, died yesterday morning at eleven o'clock at Mrs. Hood's sanitarium, where he went for treatment early in December.   Death was due to acute heart disease.   The body will be taken to St. Albans this morning and the funeral will be held to-morrow afternoon at the residence on North Alain street.

St. Albans, March l8. - Dr. T. R. Waugh, who died in Burlington to-day, was born at Sauquoit, N. Y., on November 1, 1846, the son of the Rev. and Mrs. John Waugh, his father being a Presbyterian clergyman.   On both paternal and maternal sides he was of English descent.   His mother was Charlotte Rogers, whose father, Oliver Rogers, was the first to introduce machinery for calico printing in this country.

Dr. Waugh received his early education at Sauquoit and at St. Lawrence Academy, Canton, N. Y.   In 1865, he went to New York city and entered the employ of C. H. Bowman & Co., a dry goods concern.   After leaving New York he returned to Canton and began the study of medicine with Dr. Daggert of that place.   Also he studied with Dr. Brown of Carthage, N. Y., and in 1869 entered the Hahnemann Medical College at Phlladelphia, where he was graduated in 1872,

He came to this city in May, 1878 and had since then practiced homeopathic medicine ???.   Besides his practice he was interested in many business transactions and was a large property owner.   He was one of the incorporators of the St. Albans hospital and was still a director of that institution at the time of his death.   He also at one time acted as its superintendant and treasurer.   He was greatly interested, too, in the Warner Home for Children.   He was a member of the Vermont Homeopathic society and was at one time its president.

He married Miss Adah J. Reynolds of Cathage, N. Y., on June 12, 1873.   Their first child, Theodora, died at the age of five years.   Later they adopted a daughter, Mrs. Charles McDonald, whose death occurred here in October, 1911.   Their only surviving child is Theodore Waugh, Jr., who attended until his father's lllness, the Homeopathic College of New York city.   He is also survived by two brothers, the Rev. Arthur J. Waugh of Monticello, N. Y., and J. Leonard Waugh of Cohoeton. N. Y., and one sister, Mrs. A. H. Fowler of Springville, N. Y.

Source = The Burlington Free Press and Times; Thursday, March 19, 1914, Page 4 Column 1



Peter Sheeran.

Peter Sheeran, the well-known Iandscape gardener and concrete contractor, died shortly after noon Saturday at his home at 422 North street, after a six days' illness with pneumonia.

Mr. Sheeran was born in South Burlington, being the son of Patrick Sheeran.   His mother died when he was but a few weeks old.   All his life had been spent in Burlington and vicinity.   He is survived by his wife, who was Miss Ella Birney of Swanton, where their marriage took place August 30, 1904, and by five children, Susan, Margaret, Peter Patrick, John and Hugh.   The last named was five weeks old on the day of his father's death.   Mr. Sheeran's first wife was Nora Barry, whoso death occurred 12 years ago.   There is one surviving son by Mr. Sheeran's first marriage, Frank Sheeran of Spokane, Wash.   He is also survived by one brother, John Sheeran of Essex.

Mr. Sheeran was very successful in his work and constantly employed many men.   His advice was frequently sought.   He had been employed in work on the finest residences and public buildings In the city and the many summer estates in the immediate vicinity.

He was a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians and was an attendant at St Mary's Cathedral.

Mrs. Melle H. Demain.

Mrs. Melle H. Demain, one of the oldest residents of Burlington. and widow of Mitchell Demain, died Tuesday morning about ten o'clock at the home of her son, L. C. Demain, and daughter, Mrs. Amelia J. Wattson, of 62 East avenue.   She was 92 years old February 21, and previous to her last illness had scarcely ever been ill enough to have a doctor.   Death was caused by acute bronchitis and heart trouble.   Her failing health began about a month ago, but she had been confined to her bed only since last Friday.

She was born at St. Madeleine, Can.   The family lived at Falrfax for nearly 40 years, coming to Burlington 15 years ago.   Mr. Domain's death occurred flve years ago last January 18.   Besides her son and daughter with whom she llved, another son survives, D, J. Demain of Jacksonville, Fla.   She is also survived by a brother and a sister, Peter Bachand of Attleboro, Mass., and Mrs. V. Delage of Spencer, Mass.

The funeral services will be held Thursday morning at eight o'clock at St. Joseph's Church and the body will be taken to Fairfax for burial in the Samson's Corners cemetery by the side of her husband and one son, Frank L. Demain, who died 20 years ago.

Miss Anne E. McEwen.

The many friends of Miss Anne McEwen will be pained to learn of her death at the Mary Fletcher hospital early yesterday morning.   Death came at the end of a week's illness occasioned by blood poisoning.

Miss MeEven was a native of Hinesburg, where she was born February 8, 1847, the daughter of Augustus and Bollna McEwen.   She resided in Hinesburg until about ten years ago, when she moved to Burlington, where she had since lived.   She is survived in her immediate family by three sisters, Mrs. Ellen Andrews of this city, Mrs. Horatio Johnson of Williston and Mrs. Noble D. Partch of Hinesburg.   During her residence in Burlington she had lived at 262 Pearl street, her sister, Mrs. Andrews, and her niece, Miss Luclnda Andrews, constituting the remainder of the family.   Miss McEwen was a woman of unselfish and Christian disposition and was greatly interested in works of charity none of which ever appealed to her in vain.   She was an active member of the First Church.   She will be sadly missed by her many friends in this city and Hinesburg.   The funeral will be held at the house Friday afternoon at two o'clock.

Duncan McGregor.

Duncan McGregor died Friday afternoon at one o'clock at 83 Cherry street of valvular disease of the heart complicated by the grip.   He had been confined to his bed only a few days.   He was 83 years old last January, having been born in Scotland January 17, 1831, the son of John McGregor.   His early years were spent at Williston, and he went later to Minnesota, where he had a farm.   Failing health compelled him to give up his work and he came to Burlington 10 years ago to reside with his niece, Mrs. Elizabeth J. Metcalf.   He is survived by a brother in Minnesota and two nephews.   He never married.   Mr. McGregor was a man of admirable character and was much respected by thoso who knew him.

The funeral was held Tuesday morning in the parlors of the Methodist Church, the Rev. C. V. Ghismer officiating.   Burial was in Lake View Cemetary.

Miss Antoinette Gervais.

Miss Antoinette Gervais died Tuesday morning at eight o'clock at the Fanny Allen hospital, where she had been operated upon for appendicitis.   She had been ill about six weeks.   Miss Gervais was 20 years of ago and besides her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. Gervais of North Union street, she is survived by six brothers, Alexander, Felix, Emeril, Elphege, Bauris and Auxlin, and by four sisters, Eva, Cora, Henriette and Jane.   With the exception of Cora, who is attending a convent in Coaticoke, P, Q., and Auxlin, who is attending college In Iberville, P. Q., her brothers and sisters are in this city.   The funeral will be held at eight o'clock Friday morning at St. Joseph's Church, with interment in Mt. Calvary cemetery.

Mrs. Octave Proulx.

Mrs. Octave Proulx died aat her home at 52 Murray street Sunday morning of a complication of diseases incident to old age.   She would have been 79 years of age had she lived until March 28.   Mrs. Proulx had been ill for about four months.   She was born Elmira Berard in Verchere, Canada, and had lived in Burlington since 1890.   Besides her husband, Mrs, Proulx is survived by one son, Arthur Proulx, and a grandson, Clement, both of this city, by two sisters, Mrs. Omer Germain of Montreal and Mrs. Fred Faetau of St, Antoine, Canada.   The funeral was held at eight o'clock Tuesday morning at ST. Joseph's Church, with interment in Mt. Calvary cemetery.

Andrew A. Smith.

Word has been received in town of the death Sunday at Cincinnati, Ohio, of Andrew A. Smith, formerly of this city, a brother of H. C. Smith, the liveryman, and of Mrs. R. J. Perkins of Pearl street.   The body will be brought here for burial in Lake View cemetery by the side of his wife, who was Sylvia MacMillan.   Mr. Smith was a veteran of the Civil War, enlisting in Company L, 1st regiment of cavalry, Vermont volunteers, on August 15, 1862, and serving until the close of the war .

Mrs. Ann Lauzon.

Mrs. Ann Lauzon died Wednesday, March 11 at her home on North Union street after several weeks' illness.   She was stricken with a slight shock and gradually grew worse until the end.   Mrs. Lauzon had ben a resident of this city the greater part of her life and was highly respected by all who know her.   She is survived by one daughter, Mary.   The funeral was held at St. Mary's Cathedral Saturday morning at nine o'clock.

Mrs. Mary Conwill.

The funeral of Mrs. Mary Conwill, whose death occurred Saturday morning at St. Joseph's Orphanage, was held Sunday afternoon at two o'clock at St. Mary's Cathedral, the Rev. Joseph E. Gillis officiatlng.   Mrs. Conwlll died after a long illness with heart trouble and a complication of diseases.   She was 67 years of age.   She is survived by two brothers, residing at Richmond and Bakersfield.

Charles Miller.

Charles Miller of Cabot died at the Mary Fletcher hospital Saturday night from heart failure following an operation for appendicitis, and cancer.   William Miller of Montpeller, his brother, accompanied the remains to Montpelier and the funeral was held in that city Tuesday.   Mr. Millor, who was a farmer in Cabot, was 57 years of age.

Mrs. John Dennis.

Mrs. John Dennis, wife of John Dennis, of 26 Cherry street, died Thursday at 4?? o'clock of tuberculosis. aged 29 years.   Besides her husband, she is survived by six children, the oldes of whom is eight years.

Source = The Burlington Free Press and Times; Thursday, March 19, 1914, Page 5 Columns 5, 6 and 7