Index to Texas Obituaries

Below you will find a list of links to some Texas obituaries we have extracted from old newspapers or received from visitors to DistantCousin.   We add to our collection on a regular basis so you are advised to\ bookwark this page and check back monthly.

Please note that while obituaries from newspapers can sometimes offer a wealth of information, they sometimes provide very little.   More importantly, the information they provide should be verified through other means.   And even more importantly, while the information contained in obits can be a good source, if you are conducting serious family history or genealogy work, you should attempt to acqquire the actual death certificate and other formal documents in order to document dates and relationships.

We hope you find your ancestors in the pages of this web site and we hope this assists you in your work / hobby.

Houston Daily Post Necrology for Dec 18, 1897

Obituaries extracted from the El Paso Herald; 1917: May:   01   03   14   15   24   25   28

Also, below are some miscellaneous obituaries, death notices, etc.


  • Baird, Robert Thomas

  • Bean, John Q

  • Black, Irving

  • Bobbitt, Harriett Newell

  • Brown, Mrs. A. E.

  • Brown, Thos. R. and wife

  • Buchanan, Laban Estes

  • Burnham, Dr. John L.

  • Camacho, Lorraine Castro

  • Camacho, Lucille Castro

  • Catanzaro, Marie

  • Chenoweth, Lila

  • Clark, Alexander M

  • Clendennon, Edward

  • Clow, John

  • Cunningham, Joshua Wood

  • Dodson, Mrs M V

  • Enlow, Mr

  • Fuller, Robert L. M.

  • Green, Grandma

  • Harrison, Clarence

  • Harrell, Miss May

  • Holguin, Toribio

  • Jameson, R D

  • Johnson, Bosia

  • Kirchner, Karl

  • Larkin, John A.

  • Lomax, Eddie M.

  • Martin Mrs Francis

  • Massengale, D A

  • Mateus, Francisco

  • McBride, Rev. Oswald Norbert

  • McHenry, Lucile

  • Miller, Col. Joel H. H.

  • Mooneyhan, Sam Andrew Morris

  • Murdock, Martha

  • Murphy, Mrs Catherine

  • Murdock, Jacqueline Alcine Ray

  • Murdock, Jessie Army

  • Murdock, Mary E Dotson

  • Murdock, Sanders

  • Murphy, D J

  • Murray, Robert Lee

  • Nelligan, Thomas

  • Nordstrom, M. A.

  • Pogue, Mrs Sarah E

  • Pollock, Simon

  • Porter, Jane Inez

  • Rowland, Robert Henry

  • Sealy, Jane Nance

  • Short, Melvin Lafayette

  • Smith, Newton Franklin jr

  • Silk, Eula Cressie (Harrod) Short Silk

  • Smith, Robert

  • Trevino, Ada

  • Wallace, Richard S.

  • Williams, Dorcas Matilda\