Obituaries - South Carolina - 1924 - Agnes Doney Bailey

Little Daughter of Sheriff Bailey Killed By An Automobile

Kit Singleton Was Driving Car And Was Not Speeding

Beaufort was made sick at heart by one of the most horrible accidents Wednesday afternoon that ever occurred in the place. Agnes Doney bailey, aged 3 years, daughter of Sheriff and Mrs. J. H. Bailey, had gone to the Court House with her father and had been playing on the green opposite the Court House. She came across the green, probably to cross the street to the Court House and it is thought she attempted to run across when a car driven by Kit Singleton, colored, which was going East at about the rate of ten or twelve miles an hour, struck her on the head with its right fender supposedly killing her instantly. Only one person saw the accident, Mr. John Harvey of this place, who was following Kit within a few yards in another car.

The body was at once carried to the office of Dr. Elliott, but all efforts to resusitate the little child were in vain. Kit was at once placed in jail to await the verdict of the coroner's jury, which was empanelled and sworn, but will hear evidence after the burial. Auditor J. G. Black will probably be a witness, as his office window looks out upon the scene of the tragedy and he saw part of the happenings.

The sympathy of the whole town goes out to the bereaved family. It has saddened everybody and all feel a personal loss in the untimely death of the promising child, beautiful in death and loved by all. Verdict of the jury and additional details in the Gazette of next week.

Source: Obituary in Beaufort Gazette May 1, 1924

The Coroner's Inquest Wednesday Night, April 30


The coroner's jury, impannelled and sworn by acting coroner Cory to hear and determine the manner in which little Doney Agnes Bailey came to her death on Wednesday, April 30th, met and heard the following evidence concerning the same:

Dr. M.G. Elliott, sworn, says: I live in Beaufort; I am a practicing physician. About 12:30, Mr. Bailey and several others brought a little child in my office showing marks of an injury. Careful examination showed that the child's heart was still beating, but no pulse was to be found. I gave her a heart stimulant without effect. She died in about five minutes. Further examination after death revealed an injury of the head indicating a fracture of the forefront of the head or skull which was the immediate cause of death. There were other slight bruises about and around the body.
Signed M.G. Elliott, M.D.

John M. Harvey, being sworn says: I live in Beaufort, SC. On April 30th, 1924. I saw Doney Agnes Bailey between 12 and one o'clock. I was coming from my farm. Just before I got to street coming by Mr. Legare's store, I was on bay street I saw Kit Singleton car in front of me about a hundred and fifty feet ahead of me, and just as he passed the gate coming out of the Court House on bay street, I saw Mr. bailey's litle child run from behind Mr. Bailey's car on the grass or bluffside. The car was infront of me so I can't say how far from the front the child was but she started across the road and I saw Kit's right-hand front wheel strike the child and she bound up and fell. Mr. bailey's little boy ran out as like he was trying to catch her, but he jumped back. Kit was driving slow and run on about 30 or 40 feet and stopped on the left5-hand side of street. I passed in between where the child fell and Kit, and told Kit I would go for the doctor. I went to Dr. Elliott and he advised that we bring the child to him and I turned back and met Mr. bailey and Mr. Black bringing the child. I told them Dr. Elliott was in his office. Kit was not driving carelessly or recklessly to my observation. I did not see Kit make any attempt to put on brakes, I don't know if he did. Kit turned toward left slightly as he struck the child. I did not see the children before the car struck. I can't remember seeing the child before she started across the street. the child was about twenty feet in front of Kit's car when I saw it as near as I can judge. I could have stopped if I was driving as slow as Kit was. When I first saw the child she was running like she was going acaross the street. She was about 20 feet in front of Kit's car straight aheas as near a I can tell.
Signed John M. Harvey

Woodrow bailey, being sworn says: We children were playing back of papas car in front of Court House and Doney started across the street to papa and I tried to stop her but Kit's car struck her. I did all I could do to stop her. I had to stand there and let her get hit. agter she got hit I started to telll papa, but he was coming out to us. I am eleven years old. Kit's car when it started to hit her, he turned a little bit to the left. the lick when it hit her made the fuss. Kit never blow his horn or put on the brakes. He never put it on or he would have stopped. I was running after my sister when she went across the street. I tried to stop her. She was running when she got struck. I don't think Kit saw her. She was running when the struck her.
Signed Woodrow Bailey

J. G. Black, being sworn says: I live in Beaufort, SC. I was in my office today just after 12:30 whistle blow. Mr. bailey came up to the Court House and parked his car in front of mine. He had three of his little children with him. They went down the bluff and I saw Mr. Bailey come up the bluff and turned around to tell them something, then he came into the Court House. Just a few minutes after he came in, I saw a car passed going down town and I looked up as I hear a tick like a car hit on the fender, and I saw the child lying on the roadway as the car passed. I ran out and met Mr. Bailey, as we passed by the clock we got to the child at the same time. I told Mr. bailey I could drive them down town, byt Mr. Bailey said he would drive. I held the child an d took it in the Doctors office. the distance from Mr. Bailey's car straight ahead to where the child was struck, I stepped it off and the distance was between 24 or 25 feet. I did not see the child struck. the blood was between 24 or 25 feet ahead of Mr. Bailey's car and about 4 feet from ht eside of the street, Kit was going slow and he stopped in about 30 or 40 feet on his left. As Kit's Dodge the fenders are loosed and might have made the noise. My impression is that the child ran out right in front of sheriff's car. My car and the sheriff's car were parked so that it was hard to see the children before they came out. the 24 feet from Mr. Bailey's car was where the child was laying. I did not see the child until the car passed. I can't tell just how far it would fall after being hit.
Signed J. G. Black

John M. Harvey, put back on stand says: That it did not look like the body went ahead at all. It looks to me like it fell off to the right. I could not tell exactly how far in front of Mr. Bailey's car the child was. It looks to me like 8 or 10 feet.
Signed John M. Harvey

After deliberation the jury found that the deceased came to her death by being struck by a car driven by Kit Singleton, but made no recommendations as to other procedures. At the time fo the verdict Kit was still in custody.

The coroner's jury was composed of the following: L.M. Austin. foreman, J.E. Kinghorn, L. J. Reid, Fred Hubbard, B. E. Ginn, W. Bowick, L. Schoenberg, W. T. Johnson, S. Mixson, Sam Levin, B. O. Carden and L. L. Harley.

Source: Beaufort Gazette May 8, 1924, Front Page

Kit Singleton On Bond

C. H.(Kit) Singleton, whose car, driven by himself, on the 30th of April struck and killed little Agnes Doia Bailey, was released on bond of $1,000 Monday. This upon order from Judge J. Henry Johnson of the 14th Judicial Curcuit. The bond is signed by C. H. Singleton, N. J. Kennedy and C. H. Heyward.

Source: Beaufort Gazette May 8, 1924, p. 1

The funeral services of little Agnes Donie Bailey, the three year old daughter of Sheriff and Mrs. J. H. Bailey, who met death in such a tragic manner on Wednestay afternoon April 30th, was held at the home of Mr. Bailey on Carteret St., on Thursday last at 4:30 pm.

The home was crowded with loving and sympathising friends and relatives and the services were most appropriately conducted by Revs A. D. Betts and F. C. Helms. At the conclusion of the services at the home the little broken, but still beautiful body, was laid to rest in the city cemetery, covered by a wealth of flowers and watered by the tears of heart-broken loved ones. Our heartfelt sympathies go out to the bereaved family in this their saddest hour.

The pallbearers were Messrs. W. II Cory, J. G. Black, J. E. Gill and Willie Morrall

Nearly the entire personnel of both city and county officials attended the obsequies and each felt a personal loss in the tragic death of one so young and beautiful.

Source: Beaufort Gazette May 8, 1924, p. 8.

Kit Singleton Is Acquittd

Kit Singleton, colored, who had the extreme misfortune to kill little Donia Agnes Bailey several weeks ago on Bay street, near the court house, was indicted for manslaughter and tried on Tuesday of this week. It will be remembered that his automobile hit the little girl as she ran across the street, causing death within a few minutes. The jury was out but a few minutes and brought in a verdict of "Not Guilty." The general public had long been convinced it was an accidental mishap, though one of greatest distress to the family of the little girl. Attorney Gooding of Hampton represented Kit at the trial.

Source: Beaufort Gazette June 26, 1924, p. 1

Another Collision

Sunday afternoon at Burton occurred an automobile collision a little out of the ordinary. Frank Silcox of Beaufort was driving a new Ford car and Kit Singleton was driving his heavy bus. The street or road at Burton where they met was narrow because of parked cars. Both Kit and Silcox attempted to run the narrows at the same time, going in opposite directions, and the usual result followed, except that Kit's car was not hurt much. The Ford was badly wrecked and now both drivers are sure two trains cannot pass each other on a single track.

Source: Beaufort Gazette June 26, 1924, p. 1

Submitted by: Richard L. Bailey