New York Obituaries - 1899 - Ada Fogg

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New York Obituaries - 1899 - Ada Fogg

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Inquiry into a Child's Death

Neighbors Assert that a Housekeeper Treated Ada Fogg Cruelly

Paterson, NJ, July 6 - County Physician McBride to-day ordered that the funeral of Ada Fogg, which was to have been held this afternoon, be postponed until he had made an inquiry into the cause of death. This investigation showed death to be due to consumption, but an inquest will be held.

Ada Fogg was the five-year-old daughter of John Fogg, who lives at Ashley Heights, 200 feet from the city line. There are two more girls in the family. The mother died two years ago. Soon after Mrs. Fogg's death a housekeeper was employed. Several complaints have been made to authorities of Manchaster Township by the neighbors regarding her treatment of the children.

Several weeks ago the woman was summoned to appear before the township authorities by President Bishop of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. She was accused of inhuman treatment of five-year-old Ada. Owing to a misunderstanding as to the hour for the hearing the case was dismissed.

Mrs. Margaret Hannan and Mrs. Flora Burke say they heard little Ada scream and beg for mercy. The women claim they enetered the house and found Ada stripped of clothing and the housekeeper holding her firmly by the neck and keeping the child's head under a water tap. The girl's body, they declare, was black and blue. Around the child's neck was a red mark. An hour later Undertaker Jenkins's dead wagon was in front of the door.

Source: NY Times, Friday, Jul 7, 1899

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