Deaths in US General Hospital, Fortress Monroe, VA, during week ending Dec 17, 1864

United States Sanitary Commission.

Fortress Monroe, Saturday, Dec 17, 1864

The following is a list of deaths in the United States General Hospital the week ending Dec 17:

  • W Brown, Co I 117th NY

  • H W Stillwell, I 142d NY

  • E P Adams, H, 19th Wis.

  • T S Cornell, K. 18?th Penn.

  • S Williams, E, 45th US

  • D Washington, 29th US

  • G Quick, A, 41st US

  • I J Rodgers, H, 11th Maine

  • M Jones, E, 5th Mass Col I

  • F Cole, A, 142d NY

  • H Smith, I, 115th NY

  • J T Cragle, E, 203d Penn

  • T Fowler, H, 92d NY

  • H W Sanders, H, 9th VT

  • J Miles, B, 35th US

  • J C Baker, K, 67th Ohio

  • N J Vanorden, F, 76th Penn

  • J Tulley, A, 142d NY

  • L Lee, I, 127th US

  • W H Tillotson, G, 148th NY

  • T Pinkett, H, 9th US

  • D Weaver, M, 13th NYHA

  • B Hall, A, 167th US

  • C Grimly, E, 37th US

  • J Jenson, F, 2d NH

  • J Hughes, F, 117th US

  • G W Smith, H, 9th VT

  • E R Merritt, I, 24th Mass

  • J Goff, D, 142d NY

  • St Pratt, 6th US Colored

    Source: NY Times, Tuesday, Dec 20, 1864