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New Jersey Wills - 1902 - Edward C. Fiedler


Edward C. Fiedler Leaves His Property In Trust

His Wife Is to Have the Income of the Estate During Her Lifetime and at Her Death It is to Be Divided Among His Three Children

Edward C. Fiedler of Little Silver, who died in New York about a month ago, left a will which he made June 21st, 1900. The will was made in Red Bank and was witnessed by Daniel H. Applegate and Harry Campbell. The executors appointed were Mr. Fiedlerís wife, Eliza Winthrop Fiedler, and his friend, Waldron P. Brown of Shrewsbury. A large part of the estate is to be held in trust, and the terms of the executors are not to expire until the conditions of the trust are fulfilled. In case of the death or refusal of either of the executors to serve, then Mr. Fiedlerís son, Edward Charles Fiedler, is to become one of the executors; and from time to time during the continuance of the trust, if the executor shall die or resign, another person is to be selected as one of the executors to continue the provisions of the will.

Mr. Fiedler bequeathed to his wife, absolutely, all the household furniture, all his books, pictures, paintings, horses, carriages, harness and other like property; and he also bequeathed to her absolutely all the insurance policies he might have on his life. All the rest of the property was to be held in trust by the executors for these purposes:

First-The income from the entire estate is to be paid to this wife as long as she shall live.

Second-At her death the entire estate is to be divided into three parts, and one of these parts is to be given at once to his son, Edward Charles Fiedler.

Third-The income from the second of these parts is to be paid to Mr. Fiedlerís daughter, Eliza Carville Robertson, as long as she shall live, and at her death the property is to be equally divided among her children. Should she at any time become a widow, then she is to receive at once one-half of her part absolutely, and the other half is to remain invested and she is to receive the income thereof as before stated. Her children, however , are not to get their shares until they reach the age of 25 years.

Fourth-The executors are to pay one-half of the remaining one-third part of the estate at once on Mrs. Fiedlerís death to Mr. Fiedlerís daughter, Constance Louise Fiedler. The other half of this third is to be kept invested and she is to receive the income from it. At her death this invested fund is to be paid to his daughterís heirs.

The executors are authorized, in carrying out the provisions of the will, to sell or buy real estate, to carry out any agreements which Mr. Fiedler may have made previous to his death, and to conduct the affairs of the estate in such a way as they shall deem best for the estate and most expedient in carrying out the terms of the trust created.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, Mar 12, 1902

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