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Wills - NJ - 1902 - Mrs. Caroline Pemberton


Made Many Bequests

Mrs. Caroline Pemberton's Will Probated

She Made Numerous Bequests to Charity and to Relatives and Friends, and Left the Residue of Her Estate to Her Brother.

The will of Mrs. Caroline H. Pemberton of Long Branch, who died suddenly of heart disease two weeks ago, was probated last week. The will was made June 28th, 1901. Mrs. Pemberton's brother, Dr. Harry H. Pemberton of Long Branch, and the Monmouth trust company of Asbury Park were named as executors. Mrs. Pemberton made a number of bequests to charity also to her relatives and friends. The bequests to charity included $1,500 to the Long Branch hospital; $500 to St. James's church of Long Branch; $1,000 to the Hebrew orphans' asylum of New York; and $100 to the Protestant Episcopal church of Asbury Park.

The cash bequests to relatives amounted to $2,400. To her niece, May Pemberton Green, wife of J. Elwyn Green of Long Branch, she left $1,500; to Cecil Pemberton, son of Dr. Harry H. Pemberton, she left $500; to Annie Venables, daughter of her cousin, George Venables, she left $300; and to her cousin, William Venables of Minneapolis, she left $600. Mrs. Pemberton also remembered persons, who were in her employ or who were formerly employed by her. To her servant, Martha Richardson, she gave $500; to her cook, Sumpter Turner, she gave $100; to L. Laubach of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, a former clerk in her hotel at Asbury Park, she gave $100; and to her friend and dressmaker, Mrs. E. Seymour of Philadelphia, she gave $200. Another bequest was one of $500 to Henry Isaacson of New York. The will provided that in case Mr. Isaacson should die before Mrs. Pemberton, the money should go the New York home for aged Hebrews.

Mrs. Pemberton also divided her personal effects among her relatives. To May Pemberton Green she left all her jewelry, including pearl, diamond, emerald and ruby rings; her pearl-in-laid writing desk, a portrait and a crayon of her mother, a blue and gold china vase formerly owned by her mother and all the antique furniture owned by her mother. May Pemberton Green and Charlena Pemberton are to share equally in Mrs. Pemberton's clothes, books and pictures and all the jewelry and music books of her mother; and Charlena Pemberton is also to have two silver candlesticks and two corean vases.

The will provided that $500 be expended for a monument in Christ church cemetery at Shrewsbury as a memorial to her father, John H. Pemberton; to her mother, Caroline Pemberton; to her son, Dr. Charles Pemberton; to her sister Charlotte Pemberton; and to herself.

After the bequests are made the residue of the estate, including a farm at Oceanport, is to go to Mrs. Pemberton's brother, Dr. Harry H. Pemberton.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, Jan 29, 1902

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