New Jersey Wills - 1902 - Mrs. Gertrude A. Errickson

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New Jersey Wills - 1902 - Mrs. Gertrude A. Errickson

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Mrs. Gertrude A. Errickson of Manalapan township, widow of George P. Errickson, who died recently, left considerable property in this county and also a house and lot in Brooklyn. Her will was made August 1st, 1901. The witnesses were Henry D. Davenport and William L. Conover. Mrs. Errickson’s son, Arthur Errickson, and her friend, Ralph Stout of Brooklyn, were made the executors of the will. The executors were instructed to take the income arising from the Brooklyn property and after paying taxes, assessments, repairs, etc., to pay the remainder of the income on the debt against that property until the debt was paid off. After the debt is paid the income is to be spent by the executors in caring for Mrs. Errickson’s daughter Breta and educating her for a school teacher. When Breta is eighteen years old the Brooklyn property is to be sold. Breta is to receive $2,500 of the money received for the property, and Mrs. Errickson’s son, Wesley Errickson, is to receive $500. The rest of the money received from the sale of this property is bequeathed to Arthur Errickson. Another son, George Errickson, is to get a mortgage which Mrs. Errickson held against the farm on which they lived. Of the personal property left by Mrs. Errickson, her piano, her parlor furniture and a bedroom suit and bedding goes to her daughter, Breta. To her other daughter, Anna McElwaine she left a bedroom suit and bedding, her Lady Washington reception picture, the family bible and a set of solid silver spoons. All the rest of the household goods she left to her son George. Any other property which Mrs. Errickson left was ordered sold and the proceeds will be divided equally among four of Mrs. Errickson’s children-Wesley, Arthur, Anna and George.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, Feb 19, 1902

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