Wills - NJ - 1901 - Henry Striker

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Wills - NJ - 1901 - Henry Striker

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Henry Striker Rewards His Son For Faithful Service

Henry Striker, who died at Oceanic about a month ago, made his will in 1896. His property consists mainly of a combination store and dwelling and a plot of ground at Oceanic. All his property, both real and personal, he left to his widow for her use during her life. Upon the death of his widow the store property, including the furniture in the house and the stock in the store, is to go to his son, Richard W. Striker, who lives at home and conducts a barber shop in a part of the store building. Mr. Striker stated in his will that "I make this bequest to my son Richard for his faithful service for many years to me in the store and shop, and helping me to acquire what I leave at my death."

Whatever remains of Mr. Striker's estate after the bequest to his son Richard is to be equally divided between his sons, Cortland, Henry and Lincoln Striker; his daughters, Mrs. Henry Hoe and Mrs. Samuel G. Blum, and his grandchildren, George and Albert Striker, children of his deceased son, George Striker, the grandchildren to have between them the share that their father would have been entitled to had he been living.

The will directed that within one year from Mr. Striker's death the sum of $300 be expended in beautifying his plot in Fair View cemetery and in putting suitable tombstones at his grave and the grave of his son George. The tombstones are not to cost less than $75 each and out of the $300 a similar tombstone is to be placed at Mrs. Striker's grave upon her death. Mrs. Striker was made executrix of the will. The witnesses to the will were Peter Yeomans and Charles Harvey.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, Sep 18, 1901

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