Wills - NJ - 1901 - Miss Eleanor H. Longstreet

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Wills - NJ - 1901 - Miss Eleanor H. Longstreet

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Miss Eleanor H. Longstreet Makes Numerous Bequests

She Distributes Her Personal Effects Among Her Relatives

Miss Eleanor H. Longstreet, who died last May at the home of her brother, Garrett D. Longstreet of Holmdel township, made her will in 1895. Her brother was made the executor of the will but he refused to serve and her brother-in-law, John S. Hendrickson of Keyport, was appointed administrator. She directed that a headstone be placed at her grave similar to the headstones at the graves of her father and mother and that her name be engraved on the family monument, and she also directed that in case her death was preceded by a long spell of sickness that those caring for her should be compensated out of her estate.

All of her personal property she bequeathed to her sisters, Mrs. John S. Handrickson of Keyport, Mrs. William T. Hendrickson of Middletown, and Mrs Henry Tunis of Tenafly, and to her nieces and nephews. The nieces and nephews are Mrs. W. A. Truex of Red Bank, May Hendrickson and Bertha Hendrickson, children of William T. Hendrickson; Tillie Longstreet and Russel E. Longstreet, children of Garrett D. Longstreet; and Alvah and J. Harold Hendrickson, children of John S. Hendrickson. These bequests are as follows:

To Mrs. William T. Hendrickson-Four oil paintings, large mirror, bookcase, sugar spoon, two sofa bottom chairs, mahogany stand, vases, tidies and all her wearing apparel

To Flora L. Hendrickson, wife of W. A. Truex-Ash bedroom suit, spinning wheel and all her bedding and carpets in both her houses.

To May Hendrickson-A picture of "Ruth returning from the field of Boaz", six Turkish rugs, crayon portraits of her grandfather and grandmother Longstreet, diamond breast pin, two parlor tables and a white crocheted spread.

To Bertha Hendrickson-An upright piano, plain band ring, lace handkerchief, commode, light rocker, scrap basket, Bible, table linen, watch and chain, aunt Katie's picture in oil, jewelry and a cake basket.

To Mrs. John S. Hendrickson-Red and white patchwork quilt, two fruit pictures in oil, old-fashioned rocker, two clocks-and a New Home sewing machine.

To Alvah V. Hendrickson-Twenty-five dollars, diamond earrings, onyx table, gilt handkerchief and glove boxes.

To J. Harold Hendrickson-Twenty-five dollars and a small rocker.

To Tillie Longstreet-Twenty five dollars, diamond ring and reed cabinet.

To Addie R. Longstreet-Camio(sic) ring, and all movable personal property not otherwise bequeathed.

To John E. Longstreet-Twenty-five dollars, cuckoo clock and cradle.

To Russell E. Longstreet-Twenty-five dollars to be deposited in savings bank.

To Mrs. Henry Tunis-curtains in parlor, hanging lamp, toilet set, onyx and pearl breastpin, sofa pillow and linen tidies.

A mortgage of $1,500 that Miss Longstreet held is to be equally divided between her three sisters and all the rest of her undivided real estate is to be divided between her two sisters, Mrs. John S. Hendrickson and Mrs. Henry Tunis.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, Sep 11, 1901

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