News - NJ - 1901 - John Dobson

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News - NJ - 1901 - John Dobson

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Heir To Millions

An Atlantic Highlands Girl's Good Fortune

Miss Cora Berdunn, daughter of David Berdunn of Atlantic Highlands, was married two years ago to John Dobson of Newark. Dobson was employed on railroad work at Atlantic Highlands temporarily and boarded at Mr. Berdunn's. He fell in love with the oldest daughter of the house and married her. Dobson never boasted of wealth, but he would hint occasionally of a big fortune that was likely to come his way. The fortune, which was thought by Dobson's friends to be a dream, has proven a reality. Mr. Dobson's father has come into possession of an estate said to be worth thirty-five million dollars. This estimate is probably much exaggerated, but the estate is known to be an extremely valuable one. While young Dobson will not get the money immediately he will benefit by it at once and will ultimately come into possession of a one-fourth share of it. The estate is in London. It was willed to the oldest Dobson years ago, but has since been in litigation.

David Berdunn, the father of the girl who has met with such good fortune, is employed on the Highlands drawbridge. Her brother, Charles Berdunn, is fireman at the Atlantic Highlands pumping station.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, Nov 27, 1901

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