Wills - NJ - 1901 - Mrs. Caroline White

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Wills - NJ - 1901 - Mrs. Caroline White

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Mrs. Caroline White of Asbury Park, mother of the late Mrs. Martin Chandler of Red Bank, left a will which she made a little over two years ago. Mrs. Martin Chandler died many years ago but she left eight children. These children are Lafayette Chandler, now of Asbury Park; Frank Chandler of Spring street; Martin Chandler, Addison Chandler of Delaware, Mrs. John E. Chamberlain and Charles Chandler of Branch avenue and Mrs. Harry Woodall and Ebenezer Chandler of Shrewsbury avenue. These children will get $1,000, to be divided equally among them, and each child will thus get $125. Washington White, who recently committed suicide at Asbury Park, was a son of Mrs. Caroline White. Mrs. White had advanced several thousand dollars to Washington White and this indebtedness was cancelled (sic) by the will. Washington White's three children, Alpheas, Kinmonth and Frederick, get $200 to be divided equally among them. Mrs. Caroline White's daughter-in-law, Emma L. White, gets a one-half interest in the homestead farm known as the Ben. King farm and she also gets a mortgage for $3,500 which was on Eastwood White's share of the homestead farm. Another daughter-in-law, Deborah White, gets a house and lot at Loch Arbor, where Deborah lives, and also a mortgage of $700 on Andrew White's lands. All the rest of the estate is to be equally divided among Lewis Franklin White, Juliette Slocum, Romeo White, Deborah White and Emma L. White. Juliette Slocum and Charles E. Cook of Asbury Park were made executors of the will. The witnesses were Albert W. King of Somerfield and Frank Woolley of Hamilton.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, Mar 6, 1901

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