Wills - NJ - 1901 - Mrs. Sarah J. Everdell

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Wills - NJ - 1901 - Mrs. Sarah J. Everdell

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The will of Mrs. Sarah J. Everdell, Wife of Charles Everdell of Red Bank was probated last week. The will was not dated, and it stated that Mrs. Everdell had written it with her own hand. Mrs. Everdell left a husband and four children. The children are Charles B. Everdell, Jr., Mrs. Sarah H. VanBrackle, Mrs. Tillie B. Ackerman and Miss Lucie E. Everdell. Mrs. Everdell left to her husband, for his use during his lifetime, all her personal property and real estate. After his death the house and lot on Riverside avenue, Red Bank, is to go to Mrs. Everdell's two daughters, Mrs. Tillie B. Ackerman and Miss Lucie E. Everdell, to be maintained by both, share and share alike. All of Mrs. Everdell's furniture is to go to her daughter Lucie, and the silverware and jewelry is to be divided equally among the four children. In addition to Charles Everdell's and Mrs. BanBrackle's share of the silverware and jewelry, Mrs. Everdell left to them one dollar each, saying that both of these children were provided for. Mrs. Everdell's will closed with this request:

"As I have always condemned the pernicious practice of expensive and ostentatious funerals, I desire mine shall be perfectly plain and I especially request the members of my family to refrain from putting on mourning robes. As God has blessed me in this life much more that(sic) I merited I desire to record my thankfulness."

The will was witnessed by Theodore F. White and Albert T. Doremus

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, Mar 13, 1901

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