Wills - NJ - 1901 - Mrs. Mary B. Meyer

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Wills - NJ - 1901 - Mrs. Mary B. Meyer

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Mrs. Mary B. Meyer of Allentown, a widow, left considerable property, which she distributed among a large number of relatives. A United States bond of the sum of $100 was left to her sister, Sarah E. Reeves; another bond of the same denomination was left to her nephew, Charles F. Waker; and a similar bond was left to her niece, Elizabeth Rogers. Mrs. Meyer's sister, Caroline Waker, is to receive $500 in cash and a mortgage for $1,000 on Hankins & Nelson's store property in Allentown. Two nephews, Charles Cafferty and John Cafferty, receive a double house and lot. Elizabeth P. Ford, a sister-in-law, gets a share of stock in the Newark savings and loan association. Twenty dollars apiece was left to Emma Cafferty, daughter of a nephew, Charles Cafferty; Lillian, Helen and Fred, children of another nephew, Howell Cafferty; Madge and Elva, daughters of John Cafferty, another nephew; Louisa Sanford and Frank Rogers, children of niece, Elizabeth Rogers; Carl H., Sara C., Ella N. and John Heston, children of a nephew, Charles F. Reeves; and Paul E., son of a nephew, Walter Reeves. All the rest of the estate was ordered divided equally among all the persons named in the will. Charles Cafferty, one of Mrs. Meyer's nephews was made executor of the will, and he was instructed to sell all the real estate and personal property not otherwise disposed of in the will and to pay it out according to the terms of the will.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, Jul 17, 1901

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