Wills - NJ - 1901 - William H. Forman

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Wills - NJ - 1901 - William H. Forman

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William H. Forman's Will

A House and Lot to Go to St. Peter's Church

The Church is Not to Get This Property, However, Until After Mr. Forman's Wife's Death

The will of William H. Forman of Freehold was probated last week. Mr. Forman died at the Long Branch hspital the latter part of December. He was afflicted with an incurable disease. He left a widow and a daughter, the daughter being Miss Florence C. Forman. On December 4th, about three weeks before his death, he made his will. The will was witnessed by E. W. Arrowsmith and M. A. Arrowsmith.

After providing for the payment of his debts Mr. Forman left to his brother, John Forman of Asbury Park, the sum of $100. To his niece, Laura Lefferson, daughter of John Forman, he left $50. To another niece, Lillie F. Anderson, wife of Frederick E. Anderson, he left $50. To a nephew, William S. Brown, he left $100. To his daughter, Florence C. forman, he left the brown stone front brick building and lot next to the American hotel on Main street, Freehold' and he also left to her the house and lot on Throckmorton street known as the basement house of Ryall house. His daughter is also to get the interest on $1,000 which is to be paid to her half-yearly; but his daughter must paythe taxes on the $1,000. At his daughter's death the principal of the $1,000 is to be paid to his daughter's children, if she leaves any.

Mr. Forman's wife, Anna J. Forman, gets all the furniture and household supplies in their house at Freehold and also all the horses, wagons and barn supplies. All the rest of his property goes to his wife for her use during her lifetime. At his wife's death all the property willed to Mr. Forman's wife for life goes to his daughter absolutely, except one house and lot. This is the house and lot on Center street at Freehold, now rented by Granville B. Little. The will declares that this property shall not be encumbered in any way, and at his wife's death it shall pass into the possession of St. Peter's church at Freehold. The church can rent the house and use the rent for payment of the salary of the rector of the church, or for any other purpose connected with the church. The church can sell the property if this course should be deemed best, but if the property is sold the money received for it must be put out at interest and the interest used in the same way that the rent of the house was to be used. The principal of this fund must be kept intact.

Mr. Forman's wife was made the executrix of the will, and she is not to give bonds.


Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, Jan 9, 1901