Wills - NJ - 1901 - Andrew Jackson Williams

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Wills - NJ - 1901 - Andrew Jackson Williams

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An Estate Divided

A. J. Williams's Heirs Get Their Share of His Property

The property of the late Andrew Jackson Williams of Navesink was divided among the heirs last Friday. The heirs are John E. Williams, Grover Williams, Mrs. Webster Swan and Mrs. Tom Du Mont of Navesink, and Mrs. Virginia Moyer, wife of Rev. W. G. Moyer of West Ocean Grove. A partial division of the estate was made a number of years ago. Since that division was made Grover Williams, one of the heirs, has had his share of what was left and he did not share in the division made on Friday.

The property divided on Friday included the homestead property and a tenant house on the main road through Navesink, and a tract of about 22 acres of land lying along Valley Drive, just outside the borough of Atlantic Highlands.

The property was divided into four parts of as nearly equal value as possible and the heirs bid for choice. John E. Williams bid $600 for first choice and he took the homestead property. This property includes a house and out-buildings and two and a half acres of land. The house is occupied by Aaron and Frank Polhemus. Webster Swan, representing his wife's interests, bid $100 for second choice and he took a piece of the Valley Drive Tract containing about four acres and having a frontage of 400 feet on Valley Drive. No other bids were made for choice. Mrs. DuMont took a tract lying back of the Swan tract and running back to George Mackey's property. This tract contains about five acres and has a frontage on Sears avenue. Her part also included the tenant property at Navesink which consists of a small house and five acres of ground. A tract of about four acres and fronting about 400 feet on Valley Drive was selected by Mrs. W. G. Moyer. A street will be laid out between Mrs. Moyers's land and the land that Mr. Swan selected for his wife. This will give Mrs. Moyer's plot a street frontage on all four sides.

A triangular tract of land lying between Valley Drive and the railroad was divided into four equal parts and each of the heirs get a plot. A vacant lot on the south side of the main road through Navesink was put up at auction and was bought by Webster Swan for $135. The lot is 50 x125 feet.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, Feb 13, 1901

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