Wills - NJ - 1901 - George H. Sickles

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Wills - NJ - 1901 - George H. Sickles

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A Will Declared Invalid

The Court of Chancery Sets Aside George H. Sickles's Will

The will of the late George H. Sickles of Navesink, which left the greater part of his property to Mrs. Fred Sickles, his daughter-in-law, and which has been contested by his other children, has been declared invalid by the court of chancery. The court held that Mr. Sickles was mentally sound and was fully capable of making a will. It held, however, that Mr. Sickles was subject to undue influence on the part of Fred Sickles and his wife, and on this ground the will was declared invalid.

The contest will now be carried to the court of errors and appeals. It cannot be heard in this court for some months. Mr. Sickles before his death made a deed in which he left the farm at Navesink to his daughter-in-law, as a return for her care and services in his behalf during his latter days. This deed was made, according to Mr. Sickles's own statement, in order to secure to Mrs. Fred Sickles the bulk of his property. If the court of errors and appeals should decide that the will is invalid, then an effort will be made to set aside this deed. This case, like the will suit, will be carried through all the courts of the state before either side will quit.

The estate left by Mr. Sickles was not very large, and the probabilities are that it will all be eaten up in litigation before the end of the law suits is reached. Like all family litigations, the feeling is very bitter, and each side would prefer to see their father's entire property wasted in lawing, rather than have the other side enjoy it.

Edmund Wilson of Red Bank represents Mr. Sickles's children who are fighting the will. Charles Henry Ivins and James E. Degnan represent Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sickles.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, Dec 4, 1901

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