Wills - NJ - 1901 - Julius Beer

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Wills - NJ - 1901 - Julius Beer

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Julius Beer of Elberon Left a Large Estate

He Gives $5,000 to Charity and all the Rest of His Property Goes to His wife and Children

Julius Beer, a wealthy resident of New York, who owned a valuable summer home at Elberon, made his will July 1st, 1892. He bequeathed to Mount Sanai (sic) hospital of New York, $2,000; to the Hebrew benevolent and orphan asylum society of New York, $2,000; and to the Montefiore home for chronic invalids $1,000. An annuity of $150 a year is left to Mrs. Franzisca Bavier of Paris, France; an annuity of $430 a year to Mrs. Pauline Fabian of Berlin, Prussia; an annuity of $100 a year to Mrs. Ida Manasso of Berlin, Prussia. The house and lot at No. 38 west Seventy-seventh street, New York, and the property at Elberon owned by Mr. Beer were left to his wife Sophia as long as she should live. His wife also receives absolutely all the furniture in the two houses, all the books, pictures, ornaments, silverware, jewelry, horses and carriages and all other personal property in the houses or on the premises. His wife is also to receive absolutely half of Mr. Beer's entire estate, and from the other half of the estate she is to receive an income of $38,000 per year. All the rest of the estate is to go equally to Mr. Beer's sons and daughters. When each of Mr. Beer's sons reaches the age of 21 years he is to get $20,000; and when he reaches the age of 23 years he is to receive the rest of his share. When each daughter marries she is to receive the lump sum of $35,000, and the income from the rest of her share is to be paid to her as long as she shall live. At the death of each daughter what is left of her share is to go to her children. Until the daughters get married, and until the sons arrive at the age specified in the will, they are to receive income from their share, but till the sons reach the age of 21 years, this income is to be expended for them by their mother and the other executors of the will. The executors are Mr. Beer's wife, Sophia; his brother-in-law, William I. Walter; and his two sons, Walter Beer and George Louis Beer, after these sons have reached the age of 23 years.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, Dec 4, 1901

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