Wills - NJ - 1901 - Samuel Ludlow

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Wills - NJ - 1901 - Samuel Ludlow

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Samuel Ludlow of North Spring Lake was an old fisherman who had acquired considerable property. He left a large number of children. His house and lot where he lived, together with all the furniture and other belongings about the place, he left to his wife, Nancy Ludlow, absolutely. To his children and their heirs collectively he left the family burial plot at Sea Plain, for the use of the Ludlow family and their descendants as a burial plot forever. To three of his grandchildren, Garrett Brown, Susan Brown and Rachel Brown, children of Mr. Ludlow's dead daughter, Rachel Brown, he left $1,000 each, to be paid to them within one year after his death. Mr. Ludlow ordered his executors to sell all his property and convert it into cash within two years after his death. The executors were Mr. Ludlow's son Joseph S. Ludlow, and his son-in-law, Allen D. Wickham. They are to have $300 each for serving as executors, but they are to receive no other fees from the estate. After the payment of the special bequest of $3,000 to his grandchildren, and the payment of all debts, funeral expenses and costs connected with the settlement of the estate, all the rest of the money is to be divided into twelve parts. Mr. Ludlow's widow is to get one of these parts. Another part is to be divided equally between Effie Belle Ludlow and Sarah Ludlow, children of Mr. Ludlow's son Joseph. One part is to go to each of his children, Lavinia E. Croxson, Caroline Getsinger, Susan Wickham, Jacob Lott Ludlow, Rune F. Ludlow, Sarah Clark, Samuel F. Ludlow, Jennie S. Ludlow and Wesley S. Ludlow. The remaining one-twelfth part of the estate is to go to Mr. Ludlow's granddaughter, Nancy Grace Ludlow, daughter of Mr. Ludlow's son, Garrett B. Ludlow. If any children or grandchildren have had advancements from the estate during Mr. Ludlow's lifetime, such advancements are to be deducted from their shares. The will was made October 30th, 1896, and the witnesses were Edward S. VanLeer and Halstead H. Wainright.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, Dec 18, 1901

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