Obituaries - NJ - 1901 - Elliot George

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Obituaries - NJ - 1901 - Elliot George

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Killed By a Train

A Laborer on the Railroad Meets Instant Death

Elliot George of Red Bank, a section hand on the New York and Long Branch railroad, was struck by a train while at work last Thursday and instantly killed. The accident happened at the deep cut between Red Bank and Middletown. George was inspecting ties and was marking those that were defective. He was walking toward Red Bank and the train that struck him was the northbound train that leaves Red Bank at 8:31 A.M. His fellow workmen saw the train and shouted to George to get off the track, but he did not hear the warning until it was too late. The engine struck him and threw him to the side of the track at the feet of one of his fellow workman. His head was crushed in and he was cut about the body. Death was instantaneous.

The train stopped ant took the body of the dead man to Matawan, where it was placed in charge of undertaker Arrowsmith. Coroner Tetley of Red Bank took the depositions of the train crew and of George's fellow workmen regarding the accident and these satisfied him that the man's death was due to his own negligence. No inquest was held.

George was a native of Arabia. He lived with a woman on Beach street whom he claimed was his sister, but who has had two children by him. One child has been born since George's death. It is said that he has a wife and child at New Brunswick and that the woman with whom he lived has a husband living.

When the body was examined at the undertaker's a bag was found strapped around the leg, just below the knee. In the bag was a leather pouch and in the pouch was a chamois watch bag. In the chamois bag was $50 in bills. His "sister" on Beach street says he carried $300 on his person, but $50 was all that was found on him. The money will be used in paying his funeral expenses.

Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, Dec 11, 1901

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